Piyush Pandey’s poem for the girl child

image-Piyush Pandey Poem For the Girl Child - CRY-MediaBrief

On #NationalGirlChildDay, CRY has shared a video featuring a wonderful poem by Piyush Pandey. We’ll just shift to their intro of this wonderful poem, the occasion, and what one can do to help CRY’s mission to help send underprivileged girls to school.

So here’s CRY’s note accompanying the poem on its YouTube channel: This poem by Piyush Pandey gave us the goosebumps. There is nothing that girls can’t do, if given the right opportunity at the right time. Our women of tomorrow have infinite potential to make us proud. And yet, 1 in every 3 child brides in the world is from India and there almost 13 million girls who have to work to earn a living instead of going to school. As we celebrate #NationalGirlChildDay, let’s pledge to give our girls a chance to shine. Donate to CRY and help send underprivileged girls to school. A big thank you to Piyush and his team at Ogilvy for supporting the cause and giving voice to our dream!

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