BW Disrupt launched for the start-up space

Not a staid five-star but an up-market resto-pub, No Filters, was the venue in the capital where close to a hundred young entrepreneurs, restless to make a disruptive impact through their startup ideas and startups, witnessed the launch of BW Disrupt, a website dedicated to knowledge, opinions and analysis on startups and young entrepreneurs. Hard hitting ideas, straight, without ‘filters’… ?

BJP Rajya Sabha MP R K Sinha launched BW Disrupt from BW Businessworld.

Annurag Batra, Chairman and Editor-In-Chief of BW Businessworld, said “heightened activity in the startup universe and the need for a separate platform to catalyze this outburst of action” justified the need for the new platform for the startup space.

Well, yes, we’re talking about India’s sunshine sector of startups, a space with a growth prospect of over 40% and the potential to generate close to 90000 jobs. And a space which, apart from truly disruptive and attractive business propositions, needs knowledge and practical insights to help young entrepreneurs plan, execute and shepherd and protect their ventures through the often arduous survival-and-growth curve to the sustain phase and beyond.

How will BW Disrupt accomplish that?

“We aim to be different from other offerings in the space by providing exacting analysis and deep insights into the policies and latest trends that mark the startup sector,” Batra told MediaBrief.

He said that the new website’s launch “is strategic keeping in mind Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s upcoming policy announcement on startups. A policy that is grand in its ambition but like any other policy this will also need fine dissection, and that is the space BW Disrupt sees itself in.” Batra said the new website on startups “is not only a platform for news on India’s new sunshine sector but also a repository of knowledge for those in the ecosystem.”

So.  BW Disrupt.  Launched for young entrepreneurs seeking to cut the clutter of a crowded marketplace with disruptive ideas. Launched in their kind of informal setting – a resto pub. Named, luckily, No Filters, no less. Clever fit, if intentional. And lucky, if unintended and in hindsight.

How impactful it will be depends upon the content. And how it connects the start-up dreamers with the investors. And how much of practical experience and knowledge it shares with them.

The content on BW Disrupt

The homepage of BW Disrupt has a mix of analytical and news stories, which include opinions on the role of banks in facilitating young entrepreneurs, the impact of American economic revival on investors in India and if they will continue to land on Indian shores in search of returns.

The content on BW Disrupt is laid out in the categories of News, which features sub-cats like Start Ups, TechCos and Investors, Features, with the sub-cats of Interviews and Insights; Opinion with sub-cats of Contributors and BW Disrupt (editorial staff); Events with sub-cats of BW Disrupt (editorial and news on events from the BW Disrupt team), Industry Events and Events Listings, plus a main cat of Jobs.

Some interesting pieces:

You are born original, don’t die a copy. In the opinion section of the site, Kavin Mittal, CEO of the Hike messenger app. An interesting excerpt: “The problem plaguing startups is that everybody seems to be looking for a quick fix. They all want to go from start to finish tomorrow. It does not happen. Building businesses and products take time. You’ll go through more downs than ups in your life while building a startup. I believe that one must not build a company to be successful and famous. If you do that you’ll face a quick death. One should start a company only if they are inspired by an idea.”

Is the Online Sponsorship Market a Boon for Brands and Event Organisers? While it’s unlikely this question could have a ‘no’ for an answer, the interesting story features thoughts from some young entrepreneurs, and examines the relative merits of brand-owned events v/s plain sponsorship, following the reported trend of companies reducing their sponsorship spends, rather trying to develop their own event and experiential marketing properties.

The BW Disrupt edit team has pieces on issues from problems and policy lacunae facing the sector to tax reforms needed to boost startups.

Directionally, the site is a good start, covering the important content bases. Those bases need to be populated soon.

The Editorial team

B W Disrupt Editor is Suchetana Ray, who is currently with BW Businessworld.  “So far it’s the same BW team of reporters who contribute to BW Disrupt,” she told MediaBrief, “But we will have a dedicated editorial team of around 5 persons very soon. Our edit lead should join us soon; she’s serving her notice period at present.”

On possible language editions, Ray says, “We definitely have plans to expand into vernacular. We should be looking at a Hindi version by the end of this calendar year..”

So Batra, who took over and turned Businessworld around — and, BW-branding-iron firmly clenched has created the BW Hotelier, BW CIOWORLD and the BW Smartcities communities — has now created

Start-ups may fail, but the start-up space will remain buzzing and never go out of fashion. So BWDisrupt, with an entrepreneurial group Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, should add knowledge-and-info fuel to the fiery space and grow. God knows there’s enough space. Now, all that is needed is great, useful, smart, relevant content.

Knowing Batra, it’ll be there sooner than you think.

Knowledge-driven launch

BW Disrupt’s launch featured expert panels discussing important trends.

Shailesh Vikarm Singh, Executive Director, Se ed Fund, moderated the first, on investors’ perspective on emerging trends of investment. This included Archit Garg, VP-Investments, Rabo Equity, Anirudh Suri, Founding Partner, India Internet Fund, Manoj Dawane, VP, Ericsson India and Vishal Jindal, Director, Carpediem Capital.

The second discussion, on founders’ perspective on the state of innovation in India, included Gaurav Chopra of India Lends, Sandeep Amar, COO,, Sahil Baghla, Founder, MurMur App, Vineet Singh, Co-Founder and CEO, and Amit Kharbanda, MD, MyBox.

The final panel discussion, on the impact of creative and social entrepreneurships, saw stand-up comedian, Papa CJ with Apoorva Prasad, Founder, The Out Door Journal, Amit Kapoor, Chairman, The Institute of Competiveness, Kartik Tiwari, Founder – No Filter, Tamanna Dhamija, Co-Founder, Doctors for You-USA and author Sachin Garg.

Three great opinon-piece topics, those. One waits to see how BWD uses that content.

Your thoughts, please