PASSIONBRIEF – Kaustav Chatterjee’s channel ‘Free TV Kausty’ and ‘Wow Podcast’


image-passionbrief-sugandha mathur of Out Of Passion YouTube cookery channelPASSIONBRIEF continues to bring you the stories of professionals who maintain a hobby or passion to keep themselves ‘detoxified’ and ‘recharged’.

In this edition, we have Kaustav Chatterjee aka Kausty who started his career in the Private FM Radio space, where he worked his way up from promo producer to the position of heading the programming (content) department.

Kaustav began Free TV kausty in 2017 to produce free content and to help people explore the diversity and beauty of music. PASSIONBRIEF focuses on his recently launched podcast series ‘Wow Podcast‘ to which he invites people from various walks of life to share their stories.

We caught up with Kaustav who believes that everyone has a creative person inside, and it is very important that that creativity be brought out and shared with the world. Excerpt from our conversation with Kaustav Chatterjee.

What is Wow Podcast? When did you begin this series and why?  What, according to you, would anyone get from watching your show?

I have a Youtube channel named Free TV kausty. The reason why the name Free TV, even I don’t remember exactly but back in 2017, I just opened up a channel and thought whatever content I will produce it will be free to consume on Free TV kausty.

I recently designed a podcast named WoW Podcast with kausty where I featured people from various walks of life. Every episode has been designed to bring you some kind of value add.

Life is a never-ending self-improvement game – whether it’s health, career guidance, lifestyle advice or just plain old inspiration. Each episode will charge you and the core motive of wow podcast will be to give you back something at the end of the watch.

What platform do you conduct your interviews on. Also share brief step-by-step guidance for anyone else who might want to do virtual interviews to help them.

I use Skype or zoom to conduct my interviews mostly. Here are a few basic steps which I follow.

Read about the person in detail and try to find out the content which is relevant to the current time.

Design the show beforehand and the pattern of the question so that during the editing stage it’s helpful to produce a crisp and tight episode.

After the interview is recorded, I take that material to the edit table, and then with some cosmetic changes I finally take out the audio and a video render of the file.

In some cases, the final produced video goes for approval and there are times when I directly upload it to my Youtube channel Free TV Kausty.

One very important point, while producing the interview you need to be very careful with the copyright of the materials. You should always use the content which is free or you have the rights for them and if you are using any songs make sure you take the permission of the owner.

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What are the main genres or spaces that your celebrities come from? Is it mostly music? Can you give us a breakup of the celeb names and the areas they come from?

As I have mentioned during our talks Wow podcast is not genre-specific. Every episode has been designed to bring you some kind of value adds. Each episode will charge you up. My recent podcast with Dr. Palash sen from band Euphoria was in support of a movement. We wanted to encourage people to listen to various kinds of music.

To push the online petition #IndiaForIndie seeking help for freelance independent musicians, sound engineers, lyricists, singers and others struggling during the coronavirus pandemic. On the other side my next episode is on a Journey of high flying business women who turned into a monk to Find Happiness In Life and now settled in Bhutan.

It’s not that I only feature celebs in my podcast, I feature people who have some meaningful story of their journey and that story should create an impact on our life to keep us motivated all the time.  I also featured Suhel Seth, where we talked about survival strategies specially for the youth of our country. He also spoke about his Interview experience with Mr. Ratan Tata where he mentioned Age is not relevant and how Mr. Ratan Tata believes that how companies should give back to society.

So, Wow podcast has catered to various categories, from Art of Voicing, Cleaning Ganga mission, Journey of a small-town boy to stop child begging who walked 17000km across India. Best from the waste upcycling PPE scrap and providing employment to women and creating low-cost mattresses, Chetan Sashital- the King of voice Arts, and many more. Do check out the Tv Kausty

Can you share something about your childhood?

Well I come from a musical family. My grandfather was a singer in a classical gharana from Lucknow, and most of my family members are connected to music or art. So music has been in my blood since childhood, then I followed my dreams and completed my sound engineering after class 12th while freelancing with various projects in the Mumbai and Delhi market, I also completed my masters and at the same time, my job with private radio stations continued. I was blessed to have fantastic leaders in my life who showed me the right path.

Your take on OTT platforms for both Video and Audio content?

See, I feel the advantage of OTT is its diversity. It’s not a segment for one, you are the master of your choice at your ease. Especially with the smartphone in your hand and low-cost data, I don’t think the game of appointment time listing/watching will exist anymore. In 2020 there are 650 Million active internet users are there and each of them has a variety of content in various languages to consume.

Youtube is about 6-7 thousand crore, and it’s already bigger than any of the broadcasters (minus IPL).  One point not to be missed is regional content is playing a big role in this expansion.

I think this is the best which the world can offer to us for now. You can connect to anyone you want, record – produce, and broadcast.

Any interesting anecdotes, new learnings from doing stuff on the purely virtual medium?

Wow Podcast rach episode had many anecdotes, but here are my two favorite Suhel Seth spoke about his Interview experience with Mr. Ratan Tata where he mentioned Age is not relevant and how Mr. Ratan Tata believes that how companies should give back to society.

And Palash sen: Don’t just listen to the music which is suggested by your digital platform. Go to the search bar and search for the music you want to listen to. If everyone starts listening to the suggestion which is suggested by a computer algorithm then you will never get the flavor of various genres.

Apart from being a content producer, what else do you do to keep yourself charged up and the toxins of the rat race cleansed?

As I’m already working full time for an organization, my life revolves around content and music. Be it in the office or my personal space.

Tricks I do to Self Motivate
  • Accomplish small tasks before handling big ones: Accomplishing small tasks makes us confident enough to tackle bigger ones. …
  • Write goals in the present tense: We mostly prefer to pen down our thoughts after a tiring day at work.
  • And I’m a daydreamer and a night thinker meaning and through Wow podcast I plan to give back to society something at least.

I feel the Our competition isn’t with others, it’s with technology and advancement which is happening in a rapid manner. Staying relevant is much more important than finding out who is doing what.

My suggestion would never underestimate your talent and wonderfulness in you. There is enough for every one of us, just stay focused and stay creative.

Your thoughts, please