Zee Entertainment launches lifestyle channel — Zee Zest


Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited launches its first lifestyle channel – Zee Zest, where one can UNLIMIT Life through its varied and comprehensive line-up of shows. Starting from 1st October 2020, the channel will present content that will be a perfect encapsulation of food, travel, lifestyle, home improvement, wellness, culture, and DIY to enable one to UNLIMIT Life straight from the confines of your armchair.

Zee Zest will bring unique offerings to the audiences as they meet our desi stars like Chef Ajay Chopra, Rakesh Raghunathan, and our very own celebrity Chefs – Chef Pankaj Bhadouria, and Chef Kunal Kapurthrough some highly engaging original shows like 100% South Indian, Indias 50 Best Dishes, Ghar Sa Yummy – Swaad Familywala, Food Veda, and Meetha toh Banta Hai.

Through these shows, the audience sets on a journey to shortlist India’s 50 best dishes with the host Ajay Chopra, witness stories of home cooks and what is cooked in a million Indian homes with chef Pankaj, and discover 100% South Indian dishes with the host Rakesh Raghunathan.

Determine the importance and methods of adapting the age-old tradition of Ayurveda into our modern-day lifestyle with host Kunal Kapur, while host Akanksha Khatri will take you all on an exciting journey to discover the emotion behind ‘Meetha toh Banta Hai’.

The channel will also bring some highly popular global shows for the first time in India, like Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Season 5, Jaime: Keep Cooking & Carry On, Far Flung with Gary Mehigan, MasterChef Australia – Season 9, MasterChef USA Junior Season 5, and much more across various genres. Late Anthony Bourdain, the famous American celebrity chef, author, journalist, and travel documentarian, traveled across the globe to uncover little-known areas of the world and celebrated diverse cultures through his show.

Jamie Oliver shows some incredible recipes, tips and hacks, specifically tailored for the unique times we’re living in, through Jamie: Keep Cooking & Carry On. The portfolio of international shows on this channel will be newfound in India. While the international shows will give a perspective for global offerings, the original shows are a self-reflection of the audience’s aspirations and interests.

image-Amit-Nair-Business-Head-Zee-Zest-MediaBrief.jpgAmit Nair, Business Head, Zee Zest, said, “Zee Zest is the promise of a new tomorrow with taking charge of life and experiencing newer journeys and amazing stories. Our carefully curated international shows and India originals will be an escape from the regular, a path to your aspirations, a catalyst to UNLIMIT the horizon of your experiences.

“The diverse content across sub-genres with a homegrown appeal will entertain, lead to discovery, and will liven up every moment of the viewer with the intent to UNLIMIT Life itself. We hope to inspire our audiences to take up their own journeys of joy, creativity and breaking boundaries by adding Zest to their lives,” Nair added.

Image-Amit Shah, Cluster Head – North, West & Premium Channels, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited -MediaBriefAmit Shah, Cluster Head – North, West & Premium Channels, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited, said,  “ZEE has always created strong curated brands that cater to the diverse entertainment needs of the consumer. We have been market leaders with our offerings, the pioneers in setting trends when it comes to content creation.

“Zee Zest’s unique proposition of offering an enhanced experience with a TV & digital presence ensures we engage with our viewers across all relevant touchpoints and are also able to provide more value to the advertisers with platform agnostic solutions.

“Zee Zest will capture the consumers’ mind space by offering the best of lifestyle content with shows that not only entertain but educate and add value to our viewers’ lives,” Shah said.

Zee Zest will be a 360-degree platform and will reach the audience via TV, Web, Events, and Social Media. While TV will bring interesting content, the social media platform will provide as a means to make it happen. Stay tuned as the Web platform and Events will become the two-way communication channel between the audience and the brand. With various recipes, itineraries for road trips, DIY hacks, articles on interesting cultural and historical facts will bring the audience a step close to the life they have always hoped to explore.

To sum it up, UNLIMIT Life by joining Zee Zest to imagine and experience some of the never seen before, heard before ideas and stories as the channel offers shows revolving around travel, food, culture, home decor, health, relationships and more along with some exclusive global content featuring for the first time in India.

Zee Zest will be available across all major cable, DTH, and digital platforms starting 1st October 2020. The channel will also be available on ZEEL’s digital and mobile entertainment platform, Zee5.

Show line-up for Zee Zest:


Show Genre Description Days & Time
100% South Indian Cultural | Lifestyle | Food Discover 100% South Indian dishes with host Rakesh Raghunathan through the authentic & lip-smacking cuisines of 5 diverse states of South India. Mon- Tue 1:30 PM
India’s 50 Best Dishes Entertainment | Cooking/Food | Informative Join the debate with chef and host Ajay Chopra as he is all set to make a list of India’s 50 best dishes Mon- Tue 2:00 PM
Meetha toh Banta Hai Lifestyle | Informative | Cooking/Food Meet Chef Akanksha Khatri as she embarks upon a journey to celebrates the traditional mithai reimagined as modern and bite sized Mon- Tue 2:30 PM
Jaime: Keep Cooking & Carry On Instructional Cooking Show Jamie Oliver shows some incredible recipes, tips and hacks, specifically tailored for the unique times we’re living in, teaching how to make the most of kitchen staples and how to be creative with various ingredients and budget. Mon- Tue 8:00 PM
Far Flung with Gary Mehigan Educational | Cooking/Food | Lifestyle | Travel Chef Gary Mehigan embarks on a road trip through Asia with an aim to explore his two biggest passions, his love for food and speed. Mon- Tue 8:30 PM
Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown – Season 5 Adventure | Documentary Chef Anthony Bourdain travels across the globe to uncover little-known areas of the world and celebrate diverse cultures by exploring food and dining rituals. Mon- Tue 9:00 PM
Love Island UK – Season 3 Reality Show | Entertainment A group of men and women participate in a series of tasks with a partner that they keep swapping until they meet the love of their life. Mon- Fri 11:00 PM
Food Veda Wellness Determine the importance and methods of adapting age-old tradition of Ayurveda into our modern-day lifestyle with chef Kunal Wed -Thu 2:30 PM
MasterChef USA Jr. – Season 5 Lifestyle | Reality Show Children aged eight to thirteen display their culinary competence and love for food through exciting culinary contests in front of some of the most famous chefs and food critics. Wed -Thu 3:00 PM
Cook Like an Italian Instructional Cooking Show Join Silvia Colloca on this culinary journey as she shares her Italian family recipes passed on through generations. Wed -Thu 4:00 PM
The Home Team – Season 3 Reality Show Join the experts as they renovate and restore a typical Australian suburban home. With DIY tips, design and landscaping, the team will help you navigate your next DIY project or renovation Thu – Fri 7:30 PM
Family Food Fight Reality Show Six food-loving, Australian families battle each other in the kitchen in a series of cooking challenges to win $100,000 Sat -Sun 7:30 PM
MasterChef Australia – Season 9 Lifestyle | Reality Show Top Australian chefs judge passionate home cooks who participate in competitive culinary challenges to develop their cooking skills and win the title of the best chef. Mon- Fri 5:00 PM
Ghar Sa Yummy – Swaad Familywala Lifestyle | Reality Show Stories of home cooks and what is cooked in a million indian homes. Learn and explore the Indian regional recipes with chef and host Pankaj Bhadouria Mon- Fri 1:00 PM
Weapon Hunter Reality Show | Adventure History buff Paul Shull is on a mission to find some of the world’s rarest weapons from military history. This series chronicles his journey as he locates, fixes and fires antique weapons. Coming Soon
(November 2020 onward)

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