THE MASTER’S VOICE PODCAST – Zarif Tapia, Head – Adfactors Virtual Events, on Reimagining Experiences

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image Zarif Tapia on The Master's Voice Podcast with Pavan R Chawla MEDIABRIEFMy expert guest in this episode of The Master’s Voice Podcast is Zarif Tapia, Head of Adfactors Virtual Events, and a young veteran with 25 years of experience, with more than half those in the events space. Since, sadly, the pandemic has decimated the LIVE and experiential events space, I caught up with Zarif on how he and his team have been ‘reimagining experiences’, as he puts it, in the ‘experiential desert’ Brand custodians have found themselves in throughout the lockdown.

So here’s a conversation with a stellar virtual events professional who brings formidable experience of creating and deploying the best of LIVE and virtual events to deliver on brands and their requirements across a range of sectors, event types and scale, while using the best of creativity, digital and tech to create engagements that empower businesses. And who, along with his Virtual Events team, has been delivering great value to marketers and brands.

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Zarif speaks of how, over the past year and more, the pandemic has changed brand priorities and opportunities to engage with target audiences, and how, even as the pandemic crippled live events, ‘it also democratized experiences’ and provided a multitude of opportunities for marketers and brand custodians to engage fruitfully with their customers and society. A big pre-requisite for this, he says, is that brands create innovative ways to help people connect with their passions online.

Zarif speaks of how his virtual events division and he have helped empower numerous brands across sectors. He also reflects on the entire virtual events landscape and the new priorities, including, as he memorably puts it, ‘that brands view the pandemic as an opportunity to respond with humanity’.

He says he believes that the future of live events is hybrid, ‘because hybrid events offer the most sustainable solution – combining the best of both virtual and live events but, crucially giving people the choice’.

Zarif has spent the greater half of his career growing as an events professional with Wizcraft, and today is Vice President and Head of Virtual Events at Adfactors PR, where his is a national, agency-wide role designed to deliver virtual experiences either as stand-alone events or as a complement to existing influencer campaigns. Zarif brings to the table strategic thinking, experiential innovation and the ability to drive business growth with a proven record in delivering experiential excellence across sectors.

Through his career, Zarif has counselled renowned companies and brands across sectors including Automobile, Technology, Telecom, Infrastructure, Energy & Petroleum, Financial Services, the development sector, Consumer & Retail, Travel & Tourism, Media, Sports and Trade Associations.

So join Zarif Tapia, Vice President and Head – Adfactors Virtual Events with me on The Master’s Voice Podcast series as we speak about virtually every important aspect of Virtual Events, and the magic they can wield for marketers and brand custodians.