We Are The Writers launches ‘Threads from the Northeast’ initiative


WE ARE THE WRITERS (WATW), India’s leading content writing agency has taken a first of its kind initiative “Threads from the Northeast“, an online event to promote the vibrant & unique handloom sector of the North-eastern states of India on the occasion of the National Handloom Week (7-14 April). The event was a grand success as more than 100 participants from across the North-Eastern region took part in the event.

Several high-profile figures also lent their support to boost the event. Popular Assamese actress Nishita Goswami lauded the initiative taken by WATW. Goswami commented, “We all know that the handloom of northeast is rich in culture, in style, in its grandeur. The handlooms from the north-east play an important role in the growth of Indian economy”.

Threads-From-The-North-East_4-1.jpgShe also thanked WATW for providing an important platform to the people associated with the handloom industry in the North-East.

Paul Muktieh, Chairman and Managing Director of North Eastern Development Finance Corporation also shared his views on the event. He said, “When it comes to handloom, I am amazed by the rich and varied style of the handloom in the North-eastern states of our country. I do like to compliment WATW for taking this laudable first of its kind initiative to support the flourishing handloom sector of the North-eastern States.”

Retd. Brigadier R.K.Singh, Managing Director of North Eastern Handicrafts & Handlooms Development Corporation, said, “When we say North-east India, apart from the natural beauty, what instantly comes to mind is the unique indigenous and vibrant textile culture. However, today we would like to thank WATW, to take the initiative to promote the vibrant handloom sector of India’s Northeast region.”

Our main purpose was to bring forward the rich heritage, unique style and equally colourful handloom industry of the seven sisters of India.

On the occasion of the National Handloom Week, WATW encouraged start-ups from the North-eastern States to participate in three different events. The events included a Photography Contest, where participants shared the pictures of their products along with a short description.

The second contest was a Reel/Short Video Contest where the participants shared a short 10-20 second video of their product. The Third contest was on content writing, where the participants described their products in a minimum of 300 words.

The first place went to ILIKA. The runner up was THE SILK CHAMBER followed by the third-place went to HANDLOOM HUES. As promised, WATW will be publishing 3 blogs on our website for the winner, 2 blogs for the runner up and 1 blog for the third-place winner. The event was such a grand success that WATW will continue this event annually.

Founded in 2019 by Sayantini Bhandari and Udit Bhan, WATW consists of a group of professionals who are prime entities in creating and composing content that comes to the quest for your business and boundaries.