World Vision India announced the launch of #Raksha4children – a campaign to protect children from the surge of Covid-19 pandemic and secure their future.

World Vision India with the help of frontline workers, influencers and technical stakeholders will promote the campaign to counter misinformation regarding COVID 19 vaccines and create awareness on the vaccine guidelines provide by World Health Organisation and Government of India.

This campaign is also a reminder call to act as responsible citizens and pledge to protect India’s children. The campaign aims to reach out to 20 million people over the next four months.

“Raksha” means protection, the campaign urges every Indian to secure the children by vaccinating themselves.  Vaccination of parents and caregivers is a potential safeguard of children to protect them from the COVID Virus until the Government makes vaccines available for children below 18 years of age.

40% of our country’s population is below the vaccine age limit and the more number of adults that are vaccinated, reduces the risk of children being infected or affected. While #Raksha4children aims to amplify the importance of vaccination, it will also focus on the alarming rise of child protection issues witnessed during the pandemic. This also comes in line with matters arising for the children who have lost their parents/caregivers to COVID-19.

Mikhael Pradhan, Head-Advocacy, World Vision India, said, “Our children are at a greater risk because of COVID 19 and its time that we act responsibly. Vaccination of parents and caregivers against COVID 19 is our hope in protecting children from the pandemic as of now.

“Through this campaign, we aim to disseminate information to urban, rural and tribal communities on the importance of the vaccine, along with critical messaging on child protection issues,” Pradhan said.

World Vision India has been working relentlessly on the ground during the second wave of COVID-19 to ensure that the worst affected people get life-saving medical aid, hygiene kits and psychosocial support. World Vision India is supporting select hospitals and health care centres across all the program implementation communities (118 Locations) by upgrading the health facilities, especially in rural areas.

Over 4,500 PPE Kits, 2,468 pulse oximeters, 450 beds and 369 oxygen concentrators have been distributed so far to hospitals and health care centres. Apart from this, thermometers and other essential non-medical supplies were also provided.

World Vision India is working with partners in the area of mental health to provide children with the necessary psychosocial support and care to help them deal with the uncertainties caused by the pandemic. WV India is also providing dry rations and other essential support for families who are affected by COVID-19 and for those who are undergoing treatment.