With a strong belief that unprecedented times like these define an organisation’s strength and demonstrate the values it stands for, it has been Welspun’s utmost priority and constant endeavor to ensure the wellbeing of their employees. With the second wave of COVID-19, Welspun continues to stand in solidarity with every member to ensure their mental, physical and financial wellbeing, as they navigate through these challenging times.

The company has undertaken several initiatives to that effect, including:

  • Financial Support

While one cannot compensate for life, the company is committed to support the family of their employees who have lost the battle to COVID-19, by taking care of their living expenses, education and health insurance. The company will extend the following support to the deceased employee’s family:

o   50% of monthly salary for 2 years as living allowance

o   Medical insurance for family (spouse and 2 kids) of 5 lakhs for 10 years

o   Education fees for 2 kids up to graduation

o   Consider spouse/children for suitable job roles based on company’s policy as per requisite qualification and skill

  • COVID-Care Centers and War Rooms

o   The company has set up Covid-Care centers and War rooms to help members leverage Welspun’s resources and networks for emergencies such as sourcing of various amenities/requirements including beds, medical consultation and testing without hassle.

o   Established 24×7 Wel-Care facilities at their Anjar and Vapi factories to cater to the medical needs of its workers and staff. These facilities offer more than 150 beds (including ICU beds), oxygen apparatus, ventilators, ambulances, and are attended by resident doctors, paramedic staff and housekeeping staff. They also provide remote medical support at zero cost, discounted medicines, diagnostics lab tests at discounted rates, home healthcare and isolation program, employee assistance program at no cost as well as immunity booster supplements, homeopathy medicines, vitamin tablets and all essential services.

  • Vaccination Drive

o   Vaccination drives to inoculate all employees of the company that fall into the bracket of 45+ years and above. 80% of the employees that fall in 45+ years age bracket have been vaccinated.

  • Testings’:

o    The company is also facilitating Rapid Antigen testing for all, having conducted more than 20,000 tests in both of their facilities to date.

o   As a safety precaution, the company conducts RTPCR tests for new joiners, visitors and employees coming from outside.

  • Contract tracing:

o   The company also uses it in-house application called Wel-Heal for contact tracing and providing safety awareness. The application also provides self-assessment of symptoms.

  • Medical Facilties

o   Given the remote location of Welspun’s factories, the company has deployed AI-enabled robots at their medical centers to provide the locals with medical assistance, creating a virtual interactive space between the specialist doctor from anywhere in the world and their patient

  • Mental wellbeing

o   Mediation Sessions for the employees along with their families

o   Have on boarded Nutritionists to ensure employees are eating right and consuming foods that help in boosting immunity

o   The Company also hosted sessions with renowned psychologists to elaborate on ways to deal with COVID-19 related anxiety. They have also made a provision to ensure the availability of a psychologist on call