Psychological thriller ‘Welcome Home’ to premiere on November 6 exclusively on SonyLIV


Of all the species on earth, humans are the most complex. Within us, lurk the weak and the strong, the fearful and the bold, the psychotic and the normal all synced together. But what happens when these sides flip without a blink?

This November, SonyLIV brings for its movie buffs a thrilling account of human nature laden with unexpected plot twists and nail-biting suspense in Welcome Home on 06th November.

Directed by Pushkar Mahabal and written by Ankita Narang, Welcome Home is a psycho-thriller centered around two girls who are assigned the job of census count. Their decision to do their duty properly, to check even that one last house in the middle of nowhere changed their lives.

Stuck in a house where evil commands the law and death is not the ultimate punishment, these women must do everything in their power and beyond if they wish to come out alive and sane. But will they succeed? Produced by Paresh Rawal, Hemal A Thakkar and Swaroop Rawal, the movie features Kashmira Irani, Swarda Thigale, Tina Bhatiya amongst others.

Ashish Golwalkar, Head - Content, SET and Digital BusinessAshish Golwalkar, Head-Content SET, Digital Business, Sony Pictures Networks India, said, “Welcome Home is a differentiated offering in terms of genre and storytelling. Riding on a talented cast, the film brings to light the grave concerns of the society. While it may be a niche subject, we hope Welcome Home finds the right audience.”

image-Hemal-A-Thakkar-Producer-mediabrief.jpgHemal A Thakkar, Producer, said, “Welcome Home’ is our first from our digital film bouquet. The story is well-crafted by Ankita Narang and directed by Pushkar Mahabal. This film shows the dark side of the times we live in which we can’t ignore anymore. Having partnered with SonyLIV we are sure to find the right audience and appeal.”

Pushkar Mahabal, Director, said, “As a viewer, I always wanted to watch a story on the lines of ‘Welcome Home’ but could not find.  I am extremely thankful to Paresh Raval & Hemal Thakker for believing in me and giving me an opportunity to direct a film that I always visualized.”

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