We are the Writers (WRTW), the content writing agency has newly launched ‘premium services’, making it the first of its kind service by a content writing platform. The offering is aimed for leading clients who strive to achieve top notch quality content for their usage.

The move comes as the businesses starts to slowly open-up again in the Post-COVID era. Through this new premium service, clients will receive a premium content writing package against the traditional industry standard package used across country. The clients can now choose the packages based on their usage and preference. The idea is to provide businesses with a plan which is tailor made for their enterprise.

Sayantini Bhandari, Co-Founder, WATW, said, “The new version of services has been carefully crafted after analyzing the demands and frequency of services demanded by clients.”

We Are The Writers (WATW) is one of India’s leading content writing agencies which provide a myriad range of services including writing, designing & development, marketing & branding, and consultation.

Founded in 2019 by Sayantini Bhandari and Udit Bhan, WATW consists of a group of professionals who are prime entities in creating and composing content that comes to the quest for your business and boundaries. WATW’s expertise in creating traffic is such that, it has been able to reach the top of Google search from August-March for OTT searches without the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools.

WATW started its journey as a content writing agency in 2019 when the content writing industry was in its initial phases. Within a year, it was the numero uno content writing agency in Delhi NCR region and had started adding 50 new clients per month.