New campaign from Panasonic — #KapdoKiImmunity


Panasonic India has released its latest campaign, #KapdoKiImmunity (Immunity for clothes). The campaign takes a quirky and unconventional route with a set of videos that promote the highly essential sanitising feature of the Panasonic washing machines.

The campaign has been designed to highlight the simple fact that the Covid pandemic has not only affected our lives but has impacted our clothes as well.

Some pieces of clothing have stayed locked in our cupboards for a very long time while some have been overused in the household chores; and if they could talk, their feelings would not be very different from our own. Through this campaign, these feelings are finely expressed by giving voices to the clothes and creating highly relatable videos to connect with the audience in a novel way.

image-Shirish-Agarwal-Head-of-Brand-and-Marketing-Communications-Panasonic-India-MediaBrief.jpgShirish Agarwal, Head- Brand & Marketing Communication, Panasonic India, said, “In the current times, as much we focus on keeping our hands clean by washing them and using sanitisers, keeping our clothes germs-free is also important as they are our first layer of protection. Keeping this as the core concept, we conceptualised the digital campaign #KapdoKiImmunity wherein clothes just like humans, are sharing their feelings about the current scenario.”

“Digital is a key medium in today’s time especially as it not only helps in connecting and engaging with consumers but also in aiding performance marketing. And leveraging the fact that content consumption is very high on digital right now, we have launched this campaign through digital films and have also collaborated with online mommy influencers to drive the messaging that Panasonic washing machines offer a complete value proposition to the user not only ensuring proper hygiene, but also water and energy savings,” Agarwal added.

Heeru Dingra - CEO WATConsultHeeru Dingra, CEO, WATConsult commented, “Adopting a light-hearted tonality, the campaign highlights the brand’s essential features. Showcasing clothes as the key protagonists in these digital films, the quirky videos depict some relatable nuances of our everyday lives, seamlessly highlighting Panasonic Washing Machines’ in-built heater and stainmaster+ technology.”

Additionally, the campaign addresses the fact that our clothes are our first layer of protection when we step outside. Hence, they deserve the best hygienic care with Panasonic’s advanced technology, which removes 99.99% germs. Lately, best hygiene and sanitation practices have become one of our greatest concerns. Therefore, this new feature stands out as a necessary supplement rather than an added luxury.

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