Voltas ensures safe cinematic experiences through UVC powered solutions


Cinema halls, theatres and multiplexes have been allowed to operate with 50 per cent seating capacity, as per the government order in certain states. With India’s COVID-19 cases finally declining, sanitization of such large places of gathering remains crucial in the fight against the pandemic.

Voltas, the undisputed market leader for Air-Conditioners & Cooling products in India has been ensuring the safety of masses in cinema halls through its range of Ultraviolet Light (UVC) based surface disinfectant solutions in addition to the engineered UVC based air and duct disinfectant solutions.

This is in line with the Tata Group’s commitment towards serving the community and making a positive social impact.

Being a consumer-centric company, Voltas has come up with some innovative products that help with sanitization of public spaces. For sanitizing large space areas like Cinema Halls, Voltas has the UV Cart system which quickly sanitizes a large space area within 15 minutes (effective over surface only).

For sanitizing the indoor air, it is recommended to install Voltas’ Duct Mounted UVGI system with proper design selection to kill airborne virus.

The kill rate varies as it depends upon the virus e.g for COVID-19, the kill rate as per CDC (Centre for Disease Control, Atlanta) is 3000uWsec/cm2. The frequency of the sanitization depends upon the frequency of hall occupation.

It is recommended to sanitize the hall before and after occupation. Some of the cinemas in India that have installed Voltas UVC products for sanitization include Sterling and Kamani Auditorium, Delhi.

Voltas has throughout the pandemic been ensuring the upkeep of the nation through its engineering project solutions for hospitals, urban mobility, infrastructure, pharmaceuticals and IT companies.  Now, the AC brand has further reinforced its leadership position in the Cooling Products space, by launching the new Voltas PureAir AC, a UV based split inverter AC.

The Voltas Maha Adjustable PureAir AC comes with state of the art SuperUVC LED system which quickly disinfects the indoor air by killing germs and pathogens like virus and bacteria. Voltas PureAir AC also removes harmful gases and VOC (Volatile organic compounds) from indoor air to make the air healthy for human consumption.

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