upGrad’s #DontBeAChaatu campaign crosses 1.5mn views, trends on Twitter at #1


upGrad’s social media campaign #DontBeAChaatu got the youth talking about upskilling and getting a specialised degree and to not use ‘licking’ to climb up the ladder of professional success.

The activity also included a YouTube release, ‘How to Impress Your Boss’ in association with the YouTuber, ‘Be YouNick’, which highlighted a stark difference between types of professionals in a cheeky way.

The sequence of activities triggered pop – culture influencers across platforms, who then contributed to the buzz and shared their personal experiences. Abhi & Niyu, Barkha Singh, Ankush Bahuguna, Saloni Gaur, and Ayush Mehra amongst others joined the bandwagon to promote the idea of upskilling.

Twitter heavy weights like Gabbbar, Sagarcasm, Trendulkar, and Bollywood Gandu also shared their views on corporate world culture to support the drive.

Netizens, in no time, picked up the conversation and caused a massive user-generated content that included real-life stories and quirky/funny communications from all over. The campaign was trending at number #2 on YouTube and #1 on Twitter on Saturday & Sunday respectively.

Arjun-Mohan-CEO-India-upGrad-1-scaled.jpgArjun Mohan, CEO – India, upGrad, said, “With our recently launched campaign ‘Sirf naam ki nahin, kaam ki degree’ we wanted to trigger individuals to take specialisation seriously, and understand the criticality of times we are living in.

“The campaign reiterates upGrad’s core belief of outcome-based learning through tongue-in-cheek messaging. The core idea is to not only break the stereotypical notions about corporate growth but also to reignite learners’ hidden ambition and push them towards the journey of Lifelong Learning,” Mohan said.

#DontBeAChaatu campaign is an amplification of upGrad’s ‘Sirf naam ki nahin, kaam ki degree’ brand campaign which highlights how professionals use petty tricks like ‘licking’ to climb up the growth ladder and is currently live across 50+ TV channels.

The Ad has already left the audience in splits, and have garnered more than 1.5 million views across social media platforms within a week of its launch.

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