Startups & corporates that have adopted remote working culture till the end of 2020


With almost 5 months in lock down and no sight of relief against the COVID-19 in the coming days many companies have called off their employees back to work, it still pertains to a huge risk to the health of the employees since the Active Cases are rapidly increasing as the days are passing.

Moreover, they can also become carriers of the disease for their family members while returning back to home. Even the government recently announced the guidelines for Unlock 4.0 in the country, there are a lot of organizations who are still continuing their policy of working from home till the end of the year 2020.

Before the pandemic, conventional wisdom had been that office was critical to productivity, culture, and winning the war for talent. Companies competed intensely for prime office space in major urban centers around the world, and many focused on solutions that were seen to promote collaboration.

However, the pandemic has forced the adoption of new ways of working. Organizations must reimagine their work and the role of offices in creating safe, productive, and enjoyable jobs and lives for employees.

To cope up with this, here is a list of companies who have declared work from home for its employees till the end of the year 2020

1) 9Stacks – 9stacks is the best online gaming platform and chosen online gaming destination for new, as well as regular players in India to have fun, develop skills and win money.

They have recently called up for complete work from home for all their employees until 31st Dec 2020.

9stacks is a professionally run Indian online poker platform and 100% legal in India. As a highly reliable, safe and trusted poker site in India, they process the fastest cashouts when you win money on 9stacks.

Both the 9stacks website and the 9stacks app have an easy-to-use intuitive interface – and you can play online poker seamlessly, on your phone or computer; anytime, anywhere.

2) Real Time Data Services: Real Time Data Services is a group of companies thriving in the domain of global information technology by serving clients in the field of Cloud Computing, Telecommunications and Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) since2010.

During these pandemic times, they are helping employees in various ways. They are providing employees flexibility in timings while they are doing WFH.

So that they can work anytime in a day – 40 hrs in a week – as they understand, they need to manage the home as well. They are also providing additional paid leaves to employees if anyone of them found COVID positive, apart from their leaves.

They have also initiated a policy for the purchase of IT assets. If any employee needs IT equipment/hardware, he or she can purchase it online and get reimbursement from the company.

3) Bolo Indya: Bolo Indya, a UGC short videos app has also come up with a new WFH model for all its employees even after lockdown ends.  Bolo Indya has announced that a blanket ‘Work from Home’ the policy will be granted for rest of the team till 31st December 2020.

The company follows a sports team culture at Bolo Indya, thus ensuring both the efficiency and holistic fitness of all our team members at all times.

The company-wide motto is, “ESP – Execution, Speed, Perfection” trust the team members that they would not let anything compromise the company’s objectives and time-bound goals irrespective of working from office or home.

Bolo Indya has continued its hiring activities and has aggressive hiring plans in the technology team across Android, AI and ML roles for which remote interactions with multiple potential rockstars is going on.

4) UDo-now – Udo-now is an app which connects people with thousands of experts in 100 categories. A one-stop solution to all your problems. The company has recently announced complete work from home until further notice.

When the world was laying off their employees and slashing out the salaries at the lockdown period, Teja Gudluru, Founder of UDo-now was encouraging his employees by reducing work hours and no deduction in salaries. They worked together and launched a few more features and products to provide the best services to their customers

5) Vurum: Suresh Kumar C, Director of People Team at Vuram: The Company which provides hyper-automation services announced work from home since March 2020.

The company is more focused on the well-being of its employees and provided all the facilities to keep them motivated and productive during the period of lockdown. Vuram had decided to keep the employees work from home till 31st January 2021 to ensure the safety of their employees.

Vuram has also provided one day leave to their employees in which they are allowed to not work anything for office and spend their day complete with friends and family, so then they can refresh themselves and work again with more dedication and enthusiasm.

Vuram organized virtual birthday parties, anniversaries during this period to help their employees feel like coming to the office daily and stay connected virtually as well.

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