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Staring from Valentine’s Day, celebrating the spirit of Love, Juicy Chemistry, a homegrown organic personal care brand initiated #UnFilterwithJC in February with an intent to remind everyone to fall in love with themselves and be kind to everyone else. In the past three weeks Juicy Chemistry has been sharing real-life heart touching stories of Women from different walks of life.

Continuing the initiative, this Women’s Day, Juicy Chemistry shares a beautiful film featuring Kalki Subramaniam, Transgender Rights Activist, Archana Jayaram, Paralympic Gold medal Winner, Priyadharshini, Co-founder of Currylife along with Megha Asher, Co-Founder of Juicy Chemistry.


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The film beautifully shares the message of ‘what you house within you is power and the only thing that can ignite it is your confidence’. A woman is not required to be empowered, allowed or boasted, thus let them be the author of their stories, master of their own lives.

Image-Megha-Asher-Co-founder-of-Juicy-Chemistry-mediabrief.jpgMegha Asher, Co-founder of Juicy Chemistry, said, “It took a lot of courage for me to acknowledge and accept the way I am. The important thing is #youchoose #youdecide! While the #realme is pretty damn good, I choose to style my hair to make myself feel good. Through this campaign I only urge you all to let go of what you think defines beauty and make your own definition.

“Applying makeup, styling your hair, working out to feel good is also ok and no one can shame you for doing that. I am eternally grateful to all the wonderful ladies who came forth and shared their stories with #UnFilterwithJC. We never know how many lives we have touched unknowingly,” Asher added.