Umbrella Aegis launches BRATS with IAA


image-Umbrella-egis-introduces -BRATS-with IAA-Mediabrief

Umbrella Aegis has launched BRATS, a personalised community for top notch professionals of the Advertising & Marketing Industry. The launch, held in Mumbai, was supported by International Advertising Association (IAA).

BRATS, which stands for Brand, Research, Advertising, Technology, and Strategies, aims to bring the industry and institutes together. The platform was overwhelmed with the promising responses they received from both the Verticals.

Lao Tzu, a Chinese philosopher, once said, “The journey of thousand miles begins with one step” and BRATS has initiated its first step with this launch. It was overall a different kind platform, pioneered by BRATS, which brought intellectual minds from the industry and institutes together and provided them a chance to give back to this society.

The event started with a bang on speech by Suresh Kumar Kurapaty, Chairman, BRATS. He shared his idea behind this initiative, and the thought behind realising the need for this kind of platform for upcoming talents in our corporate industry. He also highlighted underlying facts of the education system and corporate world.

His speech was followed by Karthik Venkat, Industry Manager, Travel, Google, who shared his immense knowledge and experience to enlighten the upcoming breed of Junior BRATS from industry point of view.

To understand the concept better, they invited Vineeta Dwivedi, Professor of Business Communications at SP Jain Institute of Management and Research. She projected the true picture of challenges that the education system is facing today, and how mentorship plays an important role.

An interactive Q&A session was incorporated, where all think tankers presented their views on different areas. Some thought provoking questions were asked regarding the quality of education today, the contribution of the upcoming generation to our country, etc.

The event was concluded by an individual interview session, where mentors shared their personal experiences and thoughts regarding the current situation and expressed methods to overcome hurdles.

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