TV9 Network announces salary hike w.e.f. April 2020, payable before Diwali, plus regular appraisals in March 2021

image-Barun-Das-CEO-TV9-Network-Announces-salary-hikes at TV9 Network-MediaBriefGood work, resilience, and commitment have an often unfailing way of attracting success – even trend-bucking success – and the latest manifestation of a standout initiative, at least in the beleagured TV news channels space, is the internal announcement at the fast-growing TV9 Network that’s cast a sustained and serious challenge to its competition, Barun Das, CEO TV9 Network, has announced an out of turn, unscheduled flat percentage salary increment to all employees.

Not only will the increment be released with retrospective effect from April 2020 inclusive, it will also be paid out before Diwali, and despite the unexpected increment, TV9 Network will also conduct its scheduled annual appraisal in March 2021.

So, in the menacing times of the COVID-forced lockdown, great employee work that resulted in shining network performance has brought in a positive double whammy for the happy employees at TV9 Network across India.

Coming as this does at a time when every other news broadcaster has seen salary cuts and a COVID-enforced tightening of the belts, the TV9 announcement probably sends out an inspiration signal to the rest of the industry, giving it enough and more reason to question despondency and to square up to both – the challenges and the opportunities of the current scenario. In which, team happiness would the biggest accelerator on the road to solid recovery. has sourced a copy of the email Das shared with all employees, wherein Das said, “Dear Colleagues,

“As you all are aware, the world has gone through unimaginably difficult times over the last 7 months. Covid-19 has taken unprecedented toll on both human lives and the global economy. Media hasn’t been immune to the ravages of the pandemic, with even the biggest media companies cutting salaries and laying off employees. I am proud to say that at TV9 network we never allowed that to happen, despite the pressures.

“Indeed, through the pandemic, we have continued resolutely on our mission of keeping our viewers informed and armed with the best possible news and views to help them deal with this crisis–often at risk to our own well-being. So, please accept my deep appreciation of your hard work and commitment.

“Keeping that in mind, we are pleased to announce an increment with retrospective effect from April 2020.

“We are announcing flat percentage increase , based on salary slabs,  because we didn’t believe it was prudent to differentiate, given that all of us have worked as one: one network, one team. All employees who joined the organisation on or before September 30, 2019 will be eligible for the increment. Needless to mention, employees who have already been intimated about serious performance or disciplinary issues will not be included in this increment plan.

“The arrears will be released before Diwali, and we hope this gesture of appreciation gives us one more reason to rejoice, as we slowly, but surely, emerge out of tough times.

“We are also happy to tell you that despite the unexpected increment, we will be conducting an annual appraisal in March 2021.

“Keep up the good work. Best wishes to you and your family for a happy and cautious Diwali,” Das concluded.

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