TV is the hero in ZEE’s heartfelt-quirky World Television Day campaign


ZEE, the first true pioneer of C&S television in India, is commemorating World Television Day in a fashion that is as heartfelt as it is quirky. To mark the occasion,  Zee has launched a TVC that celebrates the dear, fun, irreplaceable ‘family member’ that the television set has become in every TV home. And ‘quirky’ continues with a sweet little missive, an open letter, that ZEE has shared, and which has been signed not by any Company spokesperson, but, well, by ‘Your TV’.

Watch this lovely video first:


Beautifully conceived, written, shot, performed, edited and put out. Our big takeaway – this is a straight forward expression of the deep connect every TV lover has for Television. We looked closely, but there’s no hidden ‘push-my-business agenda’ in this campaign – it’s just a big, memorable, straightforward emotional-quirky-heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to Television, and through the missive, another ‘Thank You’ from every single TV set that is always another member of each family it entertains.

Television is the hero of this excellent campaign.

And adding a decent dollop of the heartfelt, that Open Letter we referred to brings out how the Television set in each home is very emotionally connected with the family members. The Open letter, actually, seems perfect for the close-to-850million TV viewers in the families that watch television every single day in just-a-silver-under-200-million TV homes across the length and breadth of India.

But before we reproduce the quirky letter from ‘Your TV’, we must share how Zee has taken sweetly-quirky up yet another notch: they’ve shared replies to a questionnaire from us, as coming from… not a company spokesperson, but, yes, Your TV again. And in deference to the spirit of ZEE’s celebration of World Television Day and the pedestal it’s rightly placed the ubiquitous Television set on, as also to nod back at the clever marketers at Zee who thought out this campaign, we reproduce those replies as received, without any spokesperson name. Frankly, it’s a first for us too – this ‘conversation’ with a TV set. But hey, it’s in the spirit of the celebration.

So before we share the Q&A here’s the Open Letter on World Television Day:

Open Letter on World Television Day:

To my beloved family,

I am writing to you from across the living room. Even though we are a few feet apart, somehow, I have always felt a lot closer to you.

Firstly, I must admit the bond that we share is unlike any other. Together we shared stories, laughed over the funnies, cried over the drama or just destressed after a hard day’s work …and when the whole world outside had shut down, we kept each other company and untagged loneliness and just like that – we became family!

Here’s looking forward to many more moments of catching up on our favourite shows, crushing over our action heroes, grooving to top songs or even exploring the world through the comfort of our home, with every moment spent together bringing us closer than ever before.  

At the end of the day, I just want to say, that I may not appear in your family photos or on the name plate outside your door but I’ll always be your family and you’ll be mine.


Your TV


And here’s what ‘Your  TV’ had to say to us:

How old are you and how have you managed to stay so timeless?

When I was a kid, I had only a few stories to share but everyone adored me and looked after me like a prince! Being a teenager was fun, my family kept growing by millions and millions each year and I kept growing with them, adding more and more stories to share. While on the one hand I lost all my baby fat, on the other I kept adding inches to my frame. But this is just the beginning of adulting and I feel like the best days of my life are still ahead of me and it’ll be exciting to keep reinventing myself, finding more and better ways to keep my family entertained!

What makes you so popular… like  a top favourite for the largest numbers of people across India?

Let me share a big secret of why all the furniture in every home has been pointing towards me since the day I was welcomed home. Well, the key is just doing what any family member would do – being a companion through it all. We shared stories together, laughing over the funnies, crying over the drama, we always made it a point to destress after a hard day’s work and let loose on days when there was no work at all. And when the whole world outside had shut down, we kept each other company and untagged loneliness.

And that’s how I became the center of their lives, like they have become mine.

Hark back on your journey. What have been some of your favorite moments in your lifetime so far?

This is just the beginning, we’re yet to add many more millions to our family. It only feels like yesterday when my family and I would have to wait all week to share new stories and look at us now – we are inseparable 24X7 where we share infinite new stories all day, every day.

It would be difficult to pick out favourite moments because there are just so many, from everyone singing along with SaReGaMaPa, or rooting for their favorite IPL team, or playing ‘I know this’ with every question on KBC or even arguing over who deserves to win Bigg Boss, because when with family, every moment is special.

What made the journey even more memorable are my brand friends who have added the spice to my stories, 30 seconds at a time, giving us unforgettable moments like the girl who did the crazy dance on the cricket pitch to celebrate khaas moments of life to when all that we wanted was a pug to follow us everywhere to today vibing with ‘aurdikhao’ because, well, there is always so much more to show.

Now that some of your family members have started to hangout with the mobile screen, how do you cope with your FOMO?

But why would I have FOMO about my family having friends?  I am happy that they have someone to keep them company when they step out of the house, because while at home, I know exactly what my family needs. Throughout the day, I keep them entertained and glued together, but at the end of the day, when they’re looking for a little ‘me-time’, they sneak in some moments with the mobile screen. Ultimately, we all have our roles to play and I enjoy the role I play in my family’s life!

Hmmm… Anything else you want to add?

I’ve loved sharing my story and that of my family with you today, but there is so much more to share on what makes this unbreakable bond so special. And let me tell you, it requires a lot of communicating, sharing and understanding to keep this bond strong when your family of millions is spread across different geographies, talking different languages, and following different cultures. But we’ll catch up on this on another day because right now, I need to catch up on some ‘we-time’ with my family.

Clever brush off, that. And we’re playing along. So, Finit.

Your thoughts, please