A beautiful tribute to the incomparable Brahm Vasudeva, at the ASCI AGM

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ASCI had invited Roger Pereira to pen a tribute to the incomparable Brahm Vasudeva, the first chairman of ASCI, as the ASCI AGM. The beautiful, heartfelt tribute touched every heart, and was a beautifully extended ‘moment’ of admiration, respect and gratitude for the late great Brahm, as the industry called him.

Here’s what Roger wrote:

Brahm Vasudeva is no more.

Brahm, as we affectionately and respectfully referred to him, was the First Chairman of ASCI.

And deservedly so!

He believed in the cause for self-regulation in advertising even before Day One! He was committed to this cause. One  hundred percent!

He was the epitome of ethics in advertising, business and marketing practices.

Brahm led from the front. He immersed himself in the existing codes and constitutions of similar movements from across the world.

He Chaired the Code Committee. He Chaired the Constitution Committee. He was the unanimous choice to be the first Chair of the Advertising Standards Council of India.

If the advertisers were the first to sign up for the cause, it was Ramkrishan Bajaj and Brahm Vasudeva who were the architects. Ad agencies and media houses were left with no choice!

Meticulous to a fault. Unrelenting to the cause. We thank you Brahm.

A giant of a human being. Intellectually. And persuasively!

We’ll miss you Brahm, but we’ll always treasure and honour your contribution to the cause of self-regulation in advertising!

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