Titan’s #LetsGetIndiaTicking movement urges consumers to kick-start the wheel of the economy


The pandemic has disrupted businesses across India, with a widespread impact on lives and livelihoods. Consumers have cut down on spending in many areas, and the collateral damage can be seen everywhere- in stores that are going out of business, or the disappearing of trades that relied entirely on “normal” life.

Street food vendors, tea shops, local florists, cobblers and others who were so integral to our daily lives are now scarce and missing from our daily routine.

While organized corporate entities have felt the impact of this disruption, the effect on the common retailer is far more devastating. The cascading effects of reduced commerce on small businesses and stores can only be imagined.

With that context in mind, and with an aim to connect with everyone in the country, not just as consumers but as people, and get them to move the wheels of commerce, and through that action, help millions of people whose lives depend on that commerce

Titan Company Limited launched a novel industry collective, #LetsGetIndiaTicking, a movement urging individuals to kick-start the wheel of the economy.  The campaign launches with a film that is symbolic of the interconnectedness of the economy, and how every cog needs to be set in motion to get the economy back on track.

The film is a nudge to get people to continue some of their past behaviors in the new normal, within the ambit of safety.

The film opens with a little girl and her mother entering a showroom, perhaps for the first time after the lockdown, where she chooses a watch for herself as her birthday gift.

The film goes on to show how this one purchase has a cascading effect on the lives of others. The film unfolds the symphony of the economy, the sights and sounds of an economy getting back in motion.

image-Suparna Mitra - CEO, Watches and Wearables Division, at Titan Company Limited-MediaBrief.jpgSuparna Mitra, Chief Executive Officer, Watches and Wearables Division, at Titan Company Limited, said, “Many economists have spoken of the need to revive the demand side of the economy. This is where we felt our vast repertoire of experience in brand communications can serve a larger purpose.

“The thought that struck us was – can we do something to encourage each and every individual to do their bit to get the economy out of its slumber.

“#LetsGetIndiaTicking is the germination of that seed of an idea, which we hope transpires into a movement and a clarion call to revive livelihoods and the economy,” Mitra said.

Lowe Lintas Bangalore has orchestrated this film, a heartfelt message that speaks directly to consumers whose regular economic transactions have come to a near-standstill in the current environment.

image-Virat-Tandon-Group-CEO-MullenLowe-Lintas-Group-MediaBrief.pngVirat Tandon, Group CEO, MullenLowe Lintas Group, said, “The intricate connections between moving parts make for an extremely evocative symbolism between the country’s top watch brand and the economy.

“Our Bangalore team was quick to both discover this link and weave it delightfully in with Titan’s iconic signature music, to create what can only be described as a symphony of idea and inspiration.

“As the nationwide #Unlockdown initiated by the government rekindles economic activity, the campaign comes as a beacon of hope and positivity for all,” Tandon said.

The film itself is category agnostic, allowing for partnerships with multiple like-minded individuals and organizations. Titan Company has reached out to multiple industry partners to get this movement to an inflection point.

Titan also welcomes other like-minded individuals and organisations to join the #LetsGetIndiaTicking movement on www.letsgetindiaticking.com or write to letsgetindiaticking@titan.co.in to take the pledge to get India ticking.

This pledge asks people restart any economic transaction and also carry the movement forward by nominating others to do their bit by making any purchase, however small.

The present situation has been challenging, and #LetsGetIndiaTicking is a movement to build on the resilience that arises from facing challenging situations.

The #LetsGetIndiaTicking movement will run on Titan Company’s offline and online channels.


Agency: Lowe Lintas, Bangalore

Creative: Sagar Kapoor, Puneet Kapoor, Shiv Parameswaran, Deepesh Rajani, Richa Jain, Bobby Thomas, Nainaa Rajpaal, Jerald Samuel

Account Management: Sonali Khanna, Bhupender Agarwal, Radhika Bhattacharya, Ritisha Mondal

Planning: Kishore Subramanian, Easo John, Namrata Sukumar

Production House: LinProductions (Director: Aloke Shetty)

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