Tinder introduces ‘ItsYourBoo’ to help you reconnect with matches you ghosted

image-Tinder introduces 'ItsYourBoo' -mediabrief.jpg

Once upon a pandemic, you were in the middle of an epic chat with a Tinder Match and without warning you were never to be seen or heard from again. The read receipt was on, and your Match knew that you’d seen their last message.

It’s 2020 and since Tinder knows the plotline of that horror story, they’re giving you a list of icebreakers to help you unghost someone you ghosted. For Halloween, Tinder presents ItsYourBoo.com, to help you re-break the ice with Matches you didn’t mean to ghost (we all make mistakes).

As Halloween rounds the corner, spells will be cast, cauldrons will be lit, potions will be conjured and ice breakers will be typed in the corners of your Tinder inbox where you left someone on read because 2020 needs horror stories that have happy endings.

So, Tinder is doing what it does best, helping you resurrect that

This is their simple 4 step plan to make Halloween less spooky and more serendipitous. Just call it their magic potion.

Here’s what you have to do this spooky SZN.

  1. Log on to ItsYourBoo.com (because they might just become your boo)
  2. Tell them your name and who you ghosted (boo hoo)
  3. Go on and tell them why you decided to start a short horror story
  4. Magic! You’ll get a personalised ice-breaker (a boo) to send to your Match. Not quite vibin’ with the answer? Go ahead and press shuffle.
  5. Hit copy text, fire up Tinder, open your chat and click paste

Happy Halloween, now use that broomstick to sweep them off their feet instead.

Your thoughts, please