The Minimalist, a Mumbai-based creative solutions group having presence in Bengaluru and Delhi NCR has announced a Covid Vaccine Cover Program for its employees. The program will cover the entire team of 140+ people, across offices.

The Covid Vaccine Cover Program will cover vaccine expenses for the employee and include their spouse, parents, and upto 2 kids. Along with bearing the cost of the vaccine, where needed, the agency is also giving a Covid special care leave of one day for vaccination for self or dependents. This program also includes insurance ranging from Rs. 1 Lakh to 5 Lakhs against Covid care.

image-Himanshu-Gander-–-Director-of-Corporate-Centre-at-The-Minimalist-mediabrief.jpgHimanshu Gander, Director of Corporate Centre at The Minimalist, said, “We have always supported our team since the beginning of the pandemic, be it in managing their emotional and mental well-being or helping them enhance their skills through multiple paid certified courses through our special ‘Darwin Project’.

“All these initiatives are being driven by one of the core values of the company, i.e. the value of ‘Empathy’. This project is another step by us towards building a stronger team and being there with everyone.”

“Vaccination is an important step in curbing the spread of the virus and we encourage our employees to get themselves and their families vaccinated as we strive towards utmost safety of our team members. In these unprecedented times of global epidemic and grave state of health and precautionary measures around the world, we wish to extend a helping hand to protect the health, safety, and well-being of our employees and their loved ones”, Gander added.