The Knot Worldwide shares tips on how to choose the perfect wedding venue


There are a lot of elements in a wedding that one can finalise closer to their D-Day, like flowers arrangements, a wedding cake or certain rituals; but a wedding venue is of priority to every couple… Afterall, it is the venue that decides where you will be hosting your family and friends to celebrate a milestone.

Choosing your wedding venue should be your first consideration, before all else. As soon as the wedding date or month is finalised, Indian couples then seek to book their venue at least five to six months ahead.

However, having to pick the ‘right’ venue can be a process that takes days on end, is overwhelming and hard. With information and resources available at your fingertips, all thanks to digitisation, choosing the best venue has been made much easier by WeddingWire India with these simple steps.

Set Your Budget (and Ensure to Stay Within)

Having a budget in mind while planning for your wedding is crucial. This will eliminate non-feasible options, stay within what is possible and in turn, save a lot of time.

Knowing Your Vision

Planning and envisioning your wedding day is the first step to making the right choice. To begin, ask yourself:

  • What kind of venue would you like to be wed at?
  • Is there a specific wedding theme that you have in mind?
  • Would you prefer an outdoor or indoor setting depending on when you want to get married?
  • How many people would be at the wedding?
  • Is the venue accessible for your guests and vendors?
  • Is the venue you are choosing able to provide quick action in case of last minute troubles?

Once you have answers to these questions, you will then be able to shortlist venues according to the location, type of venue required, budget, capacity from WeddingWire India’s vast directory that will fit the bill. In addition to the intuitive interface, WeddingWire India also provides exclusive promotions and discounts for its members.

Check with your Wedding Planner

To plan an event as complex as a wedding, it is always good to have a professional’s opinion. Wedding planners come to the rescue to provide you with advice that will help accomplish your vision, iron out details and elevate the wedding to create a unique experience for guests and to-be-weds. Your planner will ultimately know if the venue is worth your vision and their execution.

Understanding Your Guests

Knowing how many guests you would want at the wedding will save you from potential headaches down the road. Before moving forward with preparations, it is always a good measure to create an invite list using various online tools to know how many guests will be present at the venue, manage event details and if the majority of the guests are in proximity or will have to travel for the wedding. This will further help refine your venue selection.

Check Available Packages

If you do not have a wedding planner to hire multiple vendors or plan your special day, then it is ideal to consider venues that offer additional packages like food, decor, accommodation, etc. This will not only save time and money, but also aid in better managing different elements on your wedding day.

Read FAQs and the Terms and Conditions Carefully

Before zeroing down on your venue, we recommend going through each venue’s FAQs and asking as many questions as possible to help you make a confident choice.

Ahead of finalising the venue, paying a deposit and signing a contract, it advisable to check images and videos of the setting, read consumer reviews and terms and conditions to gain a sense of personal guarantees, clauses for cancellations, deposits, etc.

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