The Executive Centre launches ‘Welcome Back to The Office’ video campaign


The COVID-19 work-at-home has pushed businesses and employees globally to re-evaluate the workplace. The Executive Centre (TEC), the leading premium flexible workspace provider in Asia Pacific and the Middle East, is also re-evaluating – with a ‘Welcome Back to The Office’ video campaign, and characters that find new ways of adapting to the new normal working environment.

The ‘Welcome Back’ video campaign is a take on the work-at-home phenomenon, and while the characters in the videos are fictional, their triumphs and struggles are drawn from real experiences of TEC’s 1000+ global team.

Synopsis: “They were told that as a precautionary measure and in-line with their global head office’s pandemic response, that they would be ‘WFH’. Some were excited. Some unphased. And some were really not enthused in the slightest. Find out how the typical workday has, and is continuing to change. Follow four co-workers on their first day back to work: Welcome Back To The Office addresses the full spectrum of what an office really is.”

It’s clear work-from-home arrangements are becoming the new normal, people are commuting less, less dressing to impress and more time with the family. However, on the flip side, there are also irreplaceable benefits of the office such as proper coffee in a proper coffee cup, chatting to colleagues and collaborating on projects, IT that works, comfortable ergonomic furniture, admin support, and a highly-productive environment that boosts concentration and minimises distraction.

image-Paul-Salnikow-TEC-Founder-and-CEO-mediabrief.jpgPaul Salnikow, TEC Founder and CEO, said, “After an extended period of time working from home, we were inspired to explore how the typical workday has changed, and is continuing to change. We believe the future of the workplace hinges on its relationship with the people who truly make it work.”

“The pandemic has accelerated the shift to flexible workspaces. We are certain that the office, rather than becoming obsolete, will become an increasingly valuable asset, facilitating collaboration and driving business growth.”

“Our clients are saying their offices of the future will need solutions that are tailored to their success, limit current challenges, give their staff maximum flexibility and provide the best office environment that they can find,” Salnikow said.

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