Ola Foods’ The Biryani Experiment pulled off April Fool’s Day Prank with ‘Cone-Dum Biryani’



la Foods’ most loved brand The Biryani Experiment recently unveiled April Fool’s Day Prank to launch ‘ Cone-Dum-Biryani’. The prank was intended to play with people’s imagination to increase the accessibility of Biryani and have it on the go. The campaign highlighted the new variant of Biryani as a synonym to ‘indulgence on the go’ and make it as the most sought after meal option for the new generation of foodies.

Concept of the story behind the campaign

The Biryani Experiment believes in being the explorer in all things related to the legendary dish. From 16 unique biryani flavours to the authentic dum cooked packaging, the brand is all about pushing the envelope with biryani.

But three months ago, the product team woke up in sweat. Biryani is all about indulgence, it’s about sitting back and not being a chicken about it. But to the Nawab of today, time is inversely proportional to experience. AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! So, how do we construct a biryani that’s truly on-the-go?

After many failed experiments, the brand made a breakthrough: Biryani in a cone! Or as they’re calling it Cone-Dum™ Biryani.

Each cone has been meticulously put together to ensure that every bite gives you a perfectly balanced bite. The cone is made from a papad, the rice has been bio-engineered to retain it’s structural integrity, the toppings are garnish, with a drizzle of raita and salan.

The Cone-Dum™ Biryani will be launched in two delightful flavours and with limited availability, only 10,000 lucky winners can get to be the first ones to try this deliciousness in a cone. All users need to do is follow us on Instagram and comment using the #ConeDumBiryani.