Making tomorrow better than today, says Tata Sky’s new purpose statement


In order to commit itself further towards simplifying content consumption for people in India, Tata Sky, unveiled its new Brand Purpose with the following statement – ‘Tata Sky exists to make tomorrow better than today for family and home.’ Tata Sky is now present in over 22 million households across the country.

Harit Nagpal

Harit Nagpal, MD & CEO, Tata Sky, said, “A set of core beliefs have always guided brand Tata Sky. Expressing our brand purpose solidifies our intent to continue to add value to people’s lives.”




Anurag Kumar

Anurag Kumar, Chief Communications Officer, Tata Sky, said, “The statement ‘Tata Sky exists to make tomorrow better than today for family and home’ exemplifies the brand’s belief in the emotional power of entertainment which we trust can move, motivate, inspire and help people to enjoy a better life.

“We believe that this reinforces the brand’s focus in simplifying content access, discovery and consumption in newer and more delightful ways that lead to betterment in customer’s lives”, Kumar said.

“Over the years, the word Jingalala has become synonymous with Tata Sky and the TV viewing experience.

“Through our slice-of-life TVC, we capture how the screen powered by Tata Sky can be, as we believe, a positive emotional force, bettering the lives of people, reinforcing our commitment to Jingalala-ness,” Kumar said.

Aligned with this new brand purpose, Tata Sky has launched a campaign with the slogan “Iss khidki ko khol dala toh life Jingalala,” where ‘Khidki’ is an embodiment of entertainment which, via Tata Sky, provides moments of emotional gratification in everyday lives of people.

Sukesh Nayak

Sukesh Nayak, Chief Creative Officer – Ogilvy India, West said, “This campaign is an ode to the magical ‘Khidki’ in our lives that has been entertaining us for all these years. Be it on the walls, tables or in our hands, these Khidkis powered by Tata Sky, truly makes our lives Jingalala.”

Tata Sky’s new campaign will be communicated through multiple media channels across languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali and Odia. The TVC takes us through the lives of families and individuals at home through the point of view of TV as they celebrate, what appear to be moments of togetherness, learning, camaraderie and happiness.

On Social media, engagement will be driven through #HarGharKiKhidki campaign that will highlight the candid and unfiltered emotions of our audience through the lens of Tata Sky. The campaign will feature famous influencers asking their followers and other content creators to participate by making Reels of their family enjoying entertainment on Tata Sky using the original audio of the TVC to create brand recall.

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