Tata Salt’s AR-driven campaign urges Indians to join virtual march against COVID-19


As a brand that prioritizes the health of the nation, Tata Salt has been a driver of social change and public awareness through its campaigns over the years. Now, on the 91st anniversary of the historic Dandi march that marked the beginning of a transformational time in the country, Tata Salt is invoking the influence of the father of the nation to rally the nation in a fight for freedom from Covid-19.

The AR driven campaign will include the avatar of Mahatma Gandhi coming to life through digital platforms to deliver a reminder on the simple but critical acts of safety precautions to adhere to Covid-19.

The campaign urges people to join a virtual march, similar to the Dandi march, to collectively practice social distancing and abide by the guidelines suggested by the health ministry to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Users can click on the link and scan any horizontal floor in their house to see an AR version of Gandhi come alive, wearing a mask and delivering a 30 sec message  appealing citizens to join him in a virtual march against COVID-19.

Users can also take a picture wearing a mask with Gandhiji and share it on their social media handles using the campaign hashtag to show their support and continue the virtual chain.

The campaign by Tata Salt is an effort to remind citizens to remain patient and steadfast, while consciously following the health guidelines for social distancing, the use of face masks and the importance of washing hands. The powerful symbolism of the struggle and patience associated with the freedom-winning Dandi march, is relevant today as the nation comes together in its hope and effort to rid itself of COVID-19.

Image-Richa-Arora-President-Packaged-Foods-India-Tata-Consumer-Products-MediaBriefJPG.jpgRicha Arora, President, Packaged Foods, India, Tata Consumer Products, said, “Our campaign evokes the historical relevance of the Dandi march where the father of our nation called out for collective citizen measures, as the nation marched towards independence.

“Tata Salt has always been at the forefront of influencing social change and this campaign is an effort to bring alive the determination and persistence displayed by Gandhiji during India’s freedom struggle to bear on what is required from people today.

“Through an engaging& innovative technology intervention, we are encouraging citizens to follow his footsteps and collectively fight the current world health crisis. By continuing to wearing masks, maintaining social distancing and washing their hands regularly,” Arora said.

The campaign has been rolled out across all Tata Salt social media channels.

The link of the AR video can be accessed below: