As the world continues to go through the toughest of times, Tata Motors wanted to bring in more hope during the holy month of Ramadan, with a message that will unite us–‘to overcome man-made barriers and come closer to one-another than ever before’. Because truth be told…we are all in it together, fighting the same battles every day. We decided to tell a story, that will evoke the human spirit within us to be that ray of hope, with little acts of goodness.

In the film, a group of employees on their way back home after a work day, find their boss’s car broken down in the middle of an empty highway; they drop him home in their company bus, so he doesn’t miss his Iftar. The boss, overwhelmed with their gesture, invites them to his lavish residence, so they don’t miss their iftar; something these employees never thought could happen.

Sukesh Nayak

Sukesh Nayak, Chief Creative Officer- Ogilvy India, said, “When we step forward to do good, we inspire others. This is a human story that compels us to look beyond the social order, to make this world a happier place with small acts of kindness towards one another.”

Rudrarup Maitra, Vice President – International Business, Tata Motors Commercial Vehicles, said, “Ramadan is an important period for Tata Motors customers worldwide, and every year during this auspicious period, Tata Motors shares a beautiful message on the human spirit that binds us all together and connects us through our aspirations.

“This year, Tata Motors celebrates this everlasting human spirit of helping & inspiring each other through this beautiful film and shows that the spirit of Ramadan is experienced best when it is celebrated together. Wishing everyone a blessed Ramadan,” Maitra said.


Ogilvy Creative Team:

Sukesh Nayak- Chief Creative Officer- Ogilvy India

Hemal Jhaveri- Group Creative Director

Khurram Haque – Group Creative Director

Nitin Kerur- Creative Director

Rohan Sawant- Art Director

Ogilvy Account Management:

Dushyant Kumar- Senior Vice President- Account Management

Juhi Wadia- Account Supervisor

Ogilvy Account Planning:

Bonnie Michael- Vice President- Planning

GunitGogia- Group head- Planning