TAM AdEx: Average ad volumes per publications increased by 90% in Q4 2020



dEx India, a division of TAM Media Research launched a report on a flashback to 2020 where the report talked about advertising overview on Print, trends. The report titled ‘Mirroring Y 2020 for Print Advertising‘ reveals that avg. ad volumes/publications increased by  90% in 4th quarter compared to average of Q1- Q3. Alos ad volumes in Print recovered to pre-lockdown level during the festive period  where it witnessed double digit share.

Auto sector topped with 18% share of ad space in y 2020. Personal care/personal  hygiene sector was the new entrant in top 10  sectors’ list. Cars and two wheelers were top 2 categories  with 8% and 7% share of ad space respectively  maintaining their ranks during Y 2020  compared to Y 2019.

Ecom-education category saw highest increase  in ad space with 2.8 times rise followed by  medicated skin treatment with 2.4 times rise  inY 2020 compared to Y 2019. Paytm First Games and KIA Sonet were the  top exclusive advertiser and brand  respectively in Y 2020 compared to Y 2019.

Trend of Ad Volumes per Publications in Print

Y 2017 witnessed almost same avg. Ad Volumes as in Y 2016 while Y 2020 saw 39% decline compared to Y 2016. Compared to Y 2019, Ad space in Y 2020 dropped by 33%. Avg. Ad Volumes per publications drop by only 11% in 2nd halves of Y 2020 over Y 2019 showing a recovery in Print Ad Volumes during Unlockdown period (H2, 2020).

Quarterly and Monthly Trend of Avg. Ad Volumes/Publications: Y 2020

Due to COVID-19, lowest Avg. Ad Volumes per Publications seen in 2nd quarter which includes the lockdown period. Avg. Ad Volumes/Publications increased by 90% in 4th quarter compared to combined average of first 3 quarters of Y 2020. Ad Volumes in Print recovered to Pre-Lockdown level during the festive period observing a double digit share.

Leading Sectors: F&B sector moved up by 3 positions and captured 7th position

Auto sector topped with 18% share of Ad Space followed by Education with 14% share during Y 2020; Auto topped Y 2019 too. Top 3 sectors together added 46% share of Ad Volumes in Print. Personal Care/Personal Hygiene sector was the new entrant in Top 10 sectors’ list and Education, Personal Healthcare, BFSI and F&B sectors observed positive rank shift.

Leading Categories : Range of OTC Products, the only new entrant in Top 10 list

Top 2 categories maintained their positions during Y 2020 with 8% & 7% share of Ad Space respectively. Properties/Real Estates and Multiple Courses moved up by 1 and 2 positions respectively in Y 2020. No major rank shift in the list of Top 10 Categories 2 Out of Top 10 categories were from Auto and Education sectors each.

Leading Advertisers: Players from Auto sector dominated the Top 10 List

SBS Biotech topped the advertisers’ list in Print followed by Maruti Suzuki India. Top 4 advertisers maintained their positions during Y 2020. HUL moved to 5th rank in Y 2020 compared to 10th in Y 2019. LIC of India and KIA Motors Corporation moved up by 8 & 51 positions to enter in the Top 10 advertiser list of Y 2020.

Leading Brands: 6 brands in of the Top 10 belonged Auto sector

Top 10 Brands  contributed 7% share of  Print Ad Volumes. Maruti Car Range was the top brand in Print during Y 2020 followed by Hero Two Wheelers. Hero Motocorp had its 2 brands among the Top 10 in Print. During Y 2020, there were total 172 K+ brands advertised in Print. 6 of the Top 10 brands belonged to Auto sector.

Top Growing Categories : 200+ Categories registered Positive Growth

Ecom-Education among categories saw highest increase in Ad Space with growth of 2.8 Times followed by Medicated Skin Treatment with 2.4 Times growth during Y 2020 compared to Y 2019. In terms of growth %, Hand Sanitizers category witnessed highest growth % among the Top 10 i.e. 105 Times in the Y 2020.

Leading exclusive Advertiser and Brands in Y 2020

Rank Top Exclusive^ Advertisers (Y 2020): [73 K+] Rank  Top Exclusive^ Brands (Y 2020): [93 K+]
1 Paytm First Games 1  KIA Sonet
2 Prajna Insuretech 2  Bajaj Pulsar 125
3 Vedantu Innovations 3  Honda Activa 6G
4 Electrolux Kelvinator 4  Honda Hornet 2.0
5 Gland Pharma 5  KIA Carnival
6 Sony Pictures Networks India 6  Bajaj Platina Comfortec
7 Life Insurance Council 7  Dr Juneja Tulsi Mantra Tulsi Drops
8 Square Panda Education 8  Bajaj Pulsar 125 Split Seat
9 Aforeserve Technologies 9  Close Up Ever Fresh Plus
10 British Biologicals 10  Jiomart.com

73 K+ advertisers & 93 K+ brands exclusively advertised during Y 2020 in Print compared to Y 2019. Paytm First Games and KIA Sonet were the top exclusive advertiser and brand respectively in Y 2020 compared to Y 2019. 7 of the Top 10 exclusive brands belonged to Auto sector.

Ad Innovations in Print

Top Innovative Ad Layouts in Y 2020

Figured Outline topped with 28% share of Ad Space followed by Seamless Jacket with 20% share in Print medium during Y 2020. In addition to the Top 5 Innovations there were 23 more Ad Innovations with a total share of 29%. Top 5 Innovative Ad Layouts together added more than 70% share of Ad Volumes during Y 2020.

Position of Ads

Top Ad Positions in Y 2020

Jacket-Full Page was the most preferred Ad Position by advertisers of Print during Y 2020. 5100+ brands advertised as Jacket-Full Page (Newspaper & Magazine) during Y 2020 among which Fiitjee was the top brand.

Sales Promotions in Print

Ads with Sales Promotions: Y 2020

Sales Promotion advertising covered 34% share of Ad Space in Print during Y 2020. Among Sales Promotions, Multiple Promotion was on top with 51% share of Ad Space followed by Discount Promotion. Top 2 promotions solely covered more than 80% share of Ad Volumes during year 2020.

Top 5 Festivals in Y 2020 (Based on Ads with Festive Theme)

Deepavali was the top festival with 41% share of Ad Space in Print during Y 2020 followed by Chritsmas/New Year and Navratri/Durga Puja with 12% & 9% share respectively.

Top 3 brands with Deepavali ad theme were Amazon.in, Hero Two Wheelers (Hero Corp.) and Hero Motorcycles.

Trends during Unlockdown

Unlockdown Period saw 4.8 Times rise in Average Ad Volumes/Publications/Day compared to Lockdown Period. Overall there was a 5 Times growth observed in average Ad Space during Unlockdown period

During Unlockdown, more than 4.8 Times growth seen in Avg. AdVolumes/Publications/ Day compared to Lockdown period. Count of Categories, Advertisers & Brands grew by 36%, 4 Times & 4.5 Times respectively during Unlockdown compared to Lockdown period.

400+ Categories and 4000+ Advertisers witnessed positive growth during Unlockdown

In the Unlockdown period, Cars among the categories and SBS Biotech among the advertisers saw highest increase in Ad Space with growth of 16 Times and 7.7 Times respectively compared to Lockdown period.

In terms of growth %, Two Wheelers category and KIA Motors Corporation advertiser witnessed highest growth % among the Top 10 i.e. 225 Times and 1,665 Times respectively in the Unlockdown period.

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