Taboola, announced significant enhancements to its Newsroom product suite, which uses AI and the largest dataset on the open web to support quality journalism. The world’s largest publishers, including Associated Press, Die Welt, The Independent and RP Online, are using Taboola Newsroom as part of Taboola’s platform, to increase readership and more effectively monetize.

Data show that news subscriptions have grown by more than 110% since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and 58% of people will maintain their subscriptions post-pandemic.

With today’s news, Taboola is bringing significant advancements to help publishers that offer paid subscriptions to better understand, engage with, and convert registered users to paid subscribers. To date, select publishers have seen, on average, a 30 percent increase in subscribers by testing Taboola Newsroom’s subscription offerings.

Taboola Newsroom now offers publishers Propensity to Subscribe, a feature that uses machine learning to identify which users are more likely to subscribe and allows publishers to target engaged registered users with articles that promote the most subscriptions.

In addition, Taboola Newsroom gives publishers actionable data and insights into readership trends and the content that drives subscriptions, such as:

  • Engagement Score: Publishers can receive customized metrics about article readership tied to bounce rate, time on page, subscription conversion rate, and video watches, to better understand what keeps readers engaged.
  • Repeat user topics: Publishers can identify the verticals and topics their loyal readers are interested in, both on their site and across Taboola’s network of thousands of other news sites.
  • Real-time conversion tracking: Publishers can determine which articles are driving high-value user behavior such as site registrations, newsletter signups and paid subscriptions sales.
  • User segmentation: Publishers can understand the readership and engagement behavior of high-value subsets of their readers such as those registered or those with paid subscriptions. This knowledge can help to increase registrations and subscriptions, as well as reduce churn for paying customers.

image-Adam-Singolda-Founder-and-CEO-at-Taboola-MediaBrief.jpgAdam Singolda, CEO and Founder, Taboola, said, “News publishers have continued to prove their resilience this year, especially during the pandemic, because they are a critical source of truth.”

“We are seeing that readers are more inclined now to support their favorite publications by becoming subscribers. With our new Newsroom subscription offerings to editors working with Taboola, publishers can capitalize on this trend and ultimately develop deeper and more longstanding relationships with readers.”

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