World renowned music label, T-Series on Tuesday released, Rajasthan’s acclaimed singer, Manesha A Agarwal’s Malhar song featuring Mame Khan. On the occasion, Manesha A Agarwal informed that, the song, has been composed by richly experienced music director, Ravi Pawar. She said, “I wanted a Malhar composition which appreciated Nature, it’s beauty and bounty.”

Ravi Pawar, Music director and composer of the song, said, “Almost a decade ago, I composed Manesha A Agarwal’s ‘Padharo Mhare Des’ which was launched by the Hon’ble CM, Shri Ashok Gehlot and went on to become the anthem of Rajasthan. With ‘Malhar’ we have yet again tried to spread the essence of Rajasthan through music. Manesha Agarwal’s devotion towards music and riyaaz reflect beautifully through the rendition – she has splendidly attempted both the nishaad of Malhar.

Lyricist, Vijay Ateet has penned soulful lyrics of the song, which proclaim the natural beauty of the land of golden sand, Rajasthan.

Manesha A Agarwal, singer, said, “Mame Khan has sung an alaap venerating the God of Rain (Indra) for how he has blessed our planet with bounty of rain through blooming flowers and lush greenery.

“I’m grateful to Bhushan Kumar ji of T-Series Music for releasing the song. There is an imperative need for intensive creation and appreciation of Indian classical music as much as any other genre and I’m glad that accomplished music labels recognise this need,” Agarwal said.

Manesha further informed that this bandish employs renditions of traditional classical instruments like Santoor and Sitaar among others. She said, “this composition is a unique amalgamation of Folk music of Rajasthan and Indian Classical music – the music video reflects the historical and cultural heritage of Rajasthan.”