hoichoi, partners with P.C Chandra Jewellers, for its latest series titled Subharambha. Both brands being pioneers in their respective fields are known for their customer experience and bringing in fresh content & design for their users constantly.

Keeping that belief in mind, hoichoi and P.C Chandra have partnered to bring forth a fresh tale of a young, independent musician, Subhomita, who overcomes woes with her family and her craft when she meets Mainak, a dentist and her childhood admirer.

Through rejection, disagreements and endearments, the two find love and accomplish their aspiration while creating a new beginning… thus Subharambha! Directed by Abhijit Chowdhury, starring Jasmine Roy and Satyam Bhattacharya in the lead, Subharambha is part of hoichoi Freemium which is available to watch for free starting today, 7th of May.

Uday Kumar Chandra, Managing Director, P.C. Chandra Jewellers, said,  “We need to reach out to the younger generation who are aware, who have the purchasing power and the will to spend. We need to connect with them through the medium that they consume, hence OTT.

“Here the expectation is to reach out to hoichoi audience through smart and good production and a compelling and emotional storyline. This story celebrates an auspicious beginning which is in line with our brand,” Chandra said.

hoichoi, known to churn out new and exciting stories for its global users, the regional streaming giant is soon becoming a trusted medium amongst brands for advertising.

image-Soumya-Mukherjee-Vice-President-Revenue-and-Strategy-hoichoi-mediabrief-1.jpgSoumya Mukherjee – Vice President, Revenue and Strategy, hoichoi, said, “At hoichoi we believe in extending our reach with newer opportunities and innovations in an aim to widen our user base as well as develop an association with like-minded partner brands.

“We have a deep understanding of what our users love to watch, along with our storytelling capabilities, and with overall reach and engagement we believe we can help P.C Chandra connect to their target audience in a unique, impactful and entertaining manner along with ensuring that our viewers get to consume high quality content which keeps them entertained,” Mukherjee  said.