International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) have Collaborated with Indian Start up, Stupa Sports Analytics to provide Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled Real-time match and practice analytics solutions to leading players in all its 226 Member Associations (countries). An agreement to this effect was recently signed between ITTF and Stupa Analytics.

ITTF through its High Performance & Development (HPD) department is acutely looking at sports analytics to take the game to the next level by providing ground breaking real time and in-depth analysis provided by Stupa to all the top players globally through its affiliated Member Associations. This collaboration also helps in strengthening the performance of ITTF’s “With The Future in Mind” scholarship holders for the upcoming Olympic and Youth Olympic games.
Stupa is working on Artificial Intelligence enabled ball tracking and video analytics technology for providing real time matches and practice analysis. It harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence and data analytics collectively, to analyze an athlete’s technical performance, derive trends and patterns from historic data and provide detailed analysis of the game.
It identifies hidden anomalies, provides insights to correct it and thus amplifies the coaching with deep analysis. Stupa Sports Analytics is the very first company in the world to offer AI-enabled Sports Analytics solution through a mobile application into Table Tennis.

Image-Polona-Cehovin-HPD-Director-International-Table-Tennis-Federation-mediabrief.jpgPolona Cehovin, HPD Director, International Table Tennis Federation, said, “At the ITTF High Performance & Development Department we are very pleased to continue our cooperation with Stupa Analytics. Even more so because we keep upgrading and expanding the portfolio of services that we are gradually introducing into our Programs.

“It started 2 years ago when we introduced performance analysis services into our ‘With the Future in Mind’ scholarship program, which we later on topped up with on-site training analysis for the Hopes Squad. In 2020, when the pandemic hit, we came up with the idea of online training lessons and collaborated with the Indian company, who were excited about taking this step, so stay tuned as the fourth season is in the making.

“Finally, we are especially excited about the new “kid on the block”, i.e. the packages for the Member Associations that are incorporated in the soon to be launched Participation Program, another addition to the ITTF Development Program. We live in a digital World therefore it doesn’t come as a surprise that Artificial Intelligence has made it to Table Tennis as well, and thanks to our cooperation with Stupa Analytics soon also to all the 226 ITTF members.,” Cehovin said.

Megha-Gambhir-scaled.jpegMegha Gambhir, Founder-Chief Executive Officer, Stupa Sports Analytics, said, “We are excited about our collaboration with ITTF. Stupa’s analytics solutions perfectly complement HPD vision on embracing new innovation and technologies to strengthen global Table Tennis.

“Many World ranked players rely on Stupa Analytics to optimize their training, unearth new revelations, patterns and discover data driven insights.

“We are relentlessly working on re-imagining and re-designing the sport and extending our product in audience engagement via broadcasting & live streaming through graphics, real time stats, auto-replays, creative media, AR/VR, predictive analytics that will take the excitement of competitions to a whole new level,” Gambhir said.

World of sports has evolved by leaps and It is significantly impacted by the Artificial Intelligence. Both data analytics and artificial intelligence are being used in sports in a substantial amount in creating a strategy for games, understanding deep trends & behavioral patterns of players, optimize training program by coaches through quick analysis and monitoring and so forth.
Today, when the world is gripped by the pandemic, analytics will play an important role in ensuring practice by maintaining the necessary social distancing between players and coaches, said Gambhir.