Smule celebrates the spirit of music with Piyush Mishra


With millions of people locked inside their homes to keep themselves protected from the pandemic, Smule the Social Karaoke App, is driving positive sentiment on this World Music Day amongst music lovers with the multi-faceted actor and poet Piyush Mishra rendering his voice to his poem in a soul touching video “Gaana Kya Chaahta Hai.”

The poem, narrated in Piyush Mishra’s signature earthy tones, narrates how a song does not care for age, gender, religion values or views. It finds its way into the purity of a mother’s love, the bonhomie of lifelong friends and idyllic romance. A bathroom, a beach, a bazaar; a song is an excuse for mirth, no matter the day or time. Every song is waiting for you to invite it into your life, and let it take over you!

Piyush Mishra, Singer-Songwriter-Actor, said, “I am delighted to give my words and voice to something that I love to do in life, singing. When I think of music, I only feel a sense of happiness.

#GaanaKyaChaahtaHai campaign is special and personal to me. You have to give it to Smule for taking the idea to a new level. Songs are always there for us. What a song wants in return, is nothing. ‘Khulke gao, dil se gao, aur uske ho jaao, yahi chahta hai gaana’. We all should sing. No matter where we are, no matter what we are doing. Let us all just sing!”

image-Viral-Jani-Sr.-Vice-President-Times-Bridge-mediabrief.jpgViral Jani, Sr. Vice President, Times Bridge, said, “The magic of music is one of the biggest wonders for humanity. As one of the country’s most loved social karaoke apps, it’s incredible to see millions of Indians come together and jam on Smule, as they make friends of strangers and bond over their common love for music.

“On World Music Day, we wanted to acknowledge the collective gratitude we feel for this art form, and the power it holds in touching our lives. This wonderful ode about what a song wants, an unselfish creation wants is truly heartwarming,” Jani said.