‘Share Love, not your PIN’ says YES BANK and DViO Digital’s campaign


Going beyond a single asset on social media to celebrate topical occasions, YES BANK and DViO Digital leveraged Valentine’s Day to not just increase engagement but also deliver an important message.

Presented in a social media friendly package, one of the highlights of the communication was how Bollywood titles were employed to address the core message. The campaign’s objective was to educate the audience that one should never share their PIN with anyone, even their ‘Valentine’.

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Sowmya Iyer

Sowmya Iyer, Founder & CEO, DViO Digital, said, “To break through the clutter of typical Valentine’s Day communication, we aimed to deliver an educational message with smart humour. The by-line for the campaign ‘issued in interest of love by YES BANK’ perfectly brought all the pieces of content together.”



Jasneet Bachal
Jasneet Bachal

Jasneet Bachal, Chief Marketing Officer, YES BANK, said, “We wanted to create content that was both engaging and drove home a point – communicating an important aspect of banking which may otherwise fall under a blind spot. We partnered with DViO to create the campaign and have been able to bring in humour to this content while still staying true to the message, the call to action and the topicality of Valentine’s Day.”

The campaign garnered 3,20,028 impressions across social media platforms along with a high number of consumer comments across multiple Instagram stories on Valentine’s Day.

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