EXCLUSIVE PODCAST | Scott Goodson of StrawberryFrog on his new book ‘Activate Brand Purpose’

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This episode of The Master’s Voice, the podcast series on MediaBrief features globally respected thinker, advisor, author and guide on transformative, movement-oriented philosophy and strategy – Scott Goodson, Founder and Chairman of StrawberryFrog, the celebrated Cultural Movement firm, in expert conversation with Pavan R Chawla

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CHIP WALKER, co-author of the excellent book ‘Activate Brand Presence‘, with Scott Goodson. Published by Kogan Page

Scott has worked with leaders of many top global companies such as Mahindra, Google, Emirates, PepsiCo, SunTrust Bank, Walmart, and more, and I caught up with him for a deep dive on his excellent new book, Activate Brand Purpose, which Scott has co-authored with another reputed expert, Chip Walker, who leads the strategy and research divisions at StrawberryFrog, and specializes in Movement Marketing.

StrawberryFrog creates ‘Movements that change companies and grow brands’, and Scott’s latest book, Activate Brand Purpose, comes when it is time, after the past year, for business leaders to move from intent and toothless purpose to action. Activate Brand Purpose is a pragmatic framework for business leaders to transform and grow companies while driving positive change.


Because, as StrawberryFrog has said, ‘it’s one thing for brands to say they care about an issue, it’s another thing to back it up with real action. And consumers can tell the difference’. And that’s where Activate Brand Purpose can really help.


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Scott speaks at length about how the book will help all business leaders who want to change employee habits, transform their company, and grow their business.

Reflecting on some purpose-driven movements that have been the bedrock of his beliefs and counsel, Scott reminisces about some of his experiences with top global brands. These include the purpose model for SunTrust Bank and the Make History model for Jim Beam, among others.

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Scott also speaks at length about writing the movement strategy and motto RISE for the Mahindra Group, which has been a torchbearer for purpose-driven thinking in India and is a global calling card for progressive, modern India. He also speaks of why he believes he connected extremely well with the Mahindra Group. And why he believes the groups ever-on commitment to purpose-driven approach has helped embed the kind of thinking and philosophy which work like an engine of society-first initiatives and growth.

In fact, here’s an excerpt from the episode, where he speaks of the one leader who has truly inspired him over the years: Anand Mahindra

Scott shares what he believes are some of the qualities great leaders share, and also discusses his first book Uprising: How to Build a Brand and Change the World by Sparking Cultural Movements. He shares the vision Uprising… rolled out for brands and brand building when it was first published by McGraw Hill in 2012 and had raced to become an instant bestseller then.

OK, then. This is, after all, a podcast, and you will want to get to the conversation, so go ahead, click on Play, and be inspired by Scott’s thoughts and beliefs, and how, reading Activate Brand Purpose can provide excellent actionable inspiration for business leaders across levels and functions and their teams as well, to, as we said earlier, ‘change employee habits, transform their company and grow their business’.

We give you an insightful and rewarding chat with respected thinker, advisor, author and guide on transformative, movement-oriented philosophy and strategy, Scott Goodson, Founder and Chairman – StrawberryFrog, the celebrated Cultural Movement firm. In expert conversation with Pavan R Chawla.