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The tempestuous experiences caused by the pandemic have magnified fear and stress, especially the fright of losing loved ones or losing jobs. In these impending times of uneasiness, keeping the workforce shielded and motivated has been the focal point for Schindler India, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Schindler Group, headquartered in Switzerland.

Schindler India took initiatives, relooked at employee policies, and announced resolute action plans to stand strong with its people.

The Schindler Group announced COVID-19 Employee Relief Fund, accumulating generous contributions made by top management teams from across the globe to support its employees in India. Schindler Group’s firm support, commitment, and compassion has been nothing but commendable and have indeed helped in uplifting the confidence of their India team.

The employee relief fund supports the families of deceased employees, contributing towards continued medical insurance for five years and education expenses of their children up till graduation. Group life term insurance, three times the annual cash compensation will also be given to the legal heir of the deceased employee.

Schindler India has covered all its employees with an additional insurance cover under its Corona Kavach Policy. Oxygen concentrators are made available in all their offices across the country to be used by employees and their family members. Schindler India paused its field operations for over three weeks, prioritizing the safety & security of its employees over the business.

A sales-driven organization, making this courageous move is an indicator of an agile and compassionate management team that cares. The company has also started a nationwide vaccination drive for all its employees and support teams through its network of medical centres.

Not only has the company made work calendars more flexible but also has introduced happy hours and no-meeting days to let employees share more personal connectedness. The organization even announced a 48-hours collective break in the month of March to let them step away from their work screens and spend the extra long weekend with their loved ones. The company also allows its covid-19 affected employees to take additional paid leaves for self-care.

By offering interest-free financial assistance in the form of advanced salaries and interest-free medical emergency loans, the management is trying to ease off tough survival situations.

The members of the Schindler India family have voluntarily come forward to contribute their days’ salary to support the dependents of their deceased colleagues. “This is the time we require each other, as human beings more than anything,” says an employee.

Schindler India firmly believes in giving back to the community. The company is working closely with a local NGO to provide life-saving supplies such as oxygen ventilators, to places that lack medical infrastructure. Happiness kits, consisting of dry rations and essentials are being distributed to the sub-contractor fleet to support them and their families during these trying times.

Leading with empathy, Schindler India encourages employees to consult counselors available 24X7 through its “Schindler Cares” portal. Leadership talk series and emotional well-being talks by experts are often conducted virtually to keep the employees motivated mentally. This gesture has positively brought the workforce closer.

Ashok Ramachandran, President, Schindler India, said, “We at Schindler India have always believed in valuing the wellbeing of our employees. In tough times like these, it is necessary to safeguard the health and security of every individual, along with the families and our communities at large. We pledge to continue our commitment towards supporting all our stakeholders.”