image-inpost-Sachin - other legends in new T20 world cricket series Road Safety mediabriefAn interesting tweet caught our attention. ‘Cheer harder, chant louder, the Legend is back!’ With the legend in silhouette, none other than the God of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, holding his bat aloft. What will be music to Sachin fans’ ears is the handle that’s tweeted this: It’s @rsworldseries for the Road Safety World Series. Put ‘Sachin’and ‘World Series’ together, and  you’ll have fans dreaming again, as we are.

We’ve also learnt that not just the great Sachin, but also that other diminutive brilliant batsman Brian Lara, along with a whole lost of other Cricketing Legends are set to return for a T20 series, and for a great cause: Road Safety.  A bit of a dischotomy there – it’s going to be a world series in perhaps the fiercest of Cricket contest formats, the T20, for Road Safety.Hmmm.

But to come back to the big hook – it’s called the Road Safety World Series. So the best of cricketing legends from various cricket playing nations leading their own teams of legendary cricketers? Get’s better, doesn’t it? And, word is, an announcement is quite round the corner. World also is that Sachin along with a few other legends will attend the event.

Wait for it!

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