Rizzle to premiere new web series ‘Aakhri Dinner’


Rizzle, will premiere “Aakhiri Dinner”, an exclusive web-series under the banner of RSeries made by No Filter, a Mumbai-based ad agency. The series will star popular YouTubers, Angry Prash and Funcho who play gamers that are devastated by the PUBG ban. The series is an anticipated one, given the popularity of both app and creators.

Aakhri Dinner is part of RSeries – an initiative by Rizzle that is giving a platform to amateur and aspiring filmmakers, producers, directors, and anyone who wants to create their own short web-series, talk shows, standup comedy videos, etc in the vertical video space. Rizzle had previously released other RSeries content like Humm Tumm which garnered 3.5+ million views.

No Filter will be releasing more binge-worthy comedy content on Rizzle in the form of minute-long sketches that will have you hooked to the app. In the near future, Rizzle aims to become the prime hub for vertical series of all genres and languages.

With its constantly growing user base, Rizzle aims to make vertical content creations accessible to everyone. As part of this, Rizzle has also launched RStudios, absolutely free dance and acting classes available for everyone.

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