In honor of the [Ree]Cycled Classic Leather Legacy and Legacy 83, Reebok reveals its second iteration of the “Write Your Legacy” campaign. The campaign was created by three ‘Classics Collaborators’ from across the globe The Kickback (North America) RAAH (Europe), and Youngmin Kang (South Korea) who use their talent and creations to pave the way for a better future for their communities.

While the means of how they impact their communities varies, their legacy is alike: you can’t change what came before you, but you can change what comes next.

Reebok and the ‘Classic Collaborators’ recognize that what and how we create now impacts our future. Therefore, the campaign celebrates the new [Ree]Cycled Classic Leather Legacy alongside the Legacy 83. Both uppers made with at least Ree Cyled materials, the shoes were built with a sustainable future in mind.

The shoes were also designed to celebrate community: the different backgrounds, personalities and outlooks that shape all of our legacies. The importance of community and the ability to make positive change for those to come is what each of the Classic Collaborators embody and celebrate.

THE KICKBACK based in the United States

Co-founded by Jamal Burger and Christian Riley, The Kickback empowers youth in North American communities by turning sport, sneakers, art & community spirit into projects that improve the mental and physical health of kids.

The group hopes that their legacy will break down barriers for children from disadvantaged communities It’s not about raising money, it’s about showing the kids a reality they never knew existed,” said co-founder Jamal Burger.

RAAH based in Birmingham, UK

RAAH was founded as a local movement with a global vision to amplify the unheard voices of young people, refugees and victims of human trafficking because nobody writes their legacy alone. Through their mentorship and wide array of community projects, they are generating vital conversations around human rights issues.

During quarantine, they’ve created RAAH fest a coming together of their community, featuring a diverse range of filmmakers, writers, musicians and activists.

The ‘Write Your Legacy’ campaign s how cases RAAH’s work and how they come together as a group because, “When we stand on each other’s shoulders, we can see over the barriers that divide us. Let’s show the world who we really are what we can really do.”

YOUNGMIN KANG based in Seoul, South Korea

One person’s trash is another person’s legacy. Youngmin Kang aspires to change the conversation and break the stigma around waste and re use in South Korea by using materials that some may deem as trash to create beautiful, unique pieces of art.

For the “Write Your Legacy” campaign, he created a bespoke piece of furniture by melting different colored plastics together, replicating the Legacy 83’s colorways through this customizable pantone. His work begs the question, “Is it trash, or is it so much more? That’s the question I want people to ask when they see the things I’ve created. I see my Legacy. What do you see?”

The Reebok Classic Leather Legacy is available beginning 18th January in Reebok stores and online at, Amazon, Ajio, and Superkicks India starting INR 6,599/-.

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