Teens slaying the lockdown with Radio, reveals RAM & TAM Adex

Since the lockdown  has been imposed radio has seen a phenomenal growth in both listnership as well as advertisement expenditure, earlier it was noted how listnership amongst youth in the 4 metros saw a rise in popularity, this trend continues with teens too.

Following are the significant increase in teen segment listenership and engagement as per post Covid -19 RAM research.


  • 72 percent growth in TSL. (Times spent listening), Kolkata
  • 50 percent growth in TSL. Mumbai
  • 35 percent growth in TSL, Delhi
  • 34 percent growth in Reach. Bengaluru

The TAM Adex data also reflects consequent phenomenal growth in Advertising in certain categories due to above.  The significant increases have been in :

  • Publications/Books – 438 percent
  • Muisc Albums – 319 percent
  • Education-Other courses – 313 percent
  • Cellular Phone Service – 120 percent
  • Educational / Vocational Training Institutes – 157 percent

Anurradha Prasad, President of Association of Radio Operators, India,Anurradha Prasad , President of Association of Radio Operators, India, said, “ It is not surprising to see that Radio engagement has also grown phenomenally in Teen segment, as is has done in all other segments.

“Teens are the future of India and I am sure that their engagement with Radio will only grow with time, especially as the very active teen segment can listen into radio even while doing most other activities, be it walking, playing, biking or studying.  Advertising growth definitely follows growth in listenership and engagement,” Prasad said.

image-Harshad_Jain-Fever FM -MediaBriefHarshad Jain, CEO – Radio and Entertainment, HT Media Ltd and Next Mediaworks Ltd, said, “The findings are very exciting.  The teen segment is consuming more of radio leading to a higher TSL across all metros.  Radio works brilliantly as a companion medium to the teens who are plugged in through their handsets while studying or during  recreational activities.

“This is also getting reflected in advertising spike in categories which are youth focused like Education, Training Institutes, Books and Publications etc.  As a content strategy we have rolled out properties targeted at the youth like Digital Icon which is taking the social media by storm.  This is the time for the advertisers to capture this TG with the right messaging,” Jain added.

Abraham Thomas, CEO Big FM, said,  “Radio surely is getting re imagined in the minds of listeners and advertisers.  These numbers clearly bust the age old myth about the medium’s popularity amongst teens.

“Radio has shown a sizeable extension in outreach since the pandemic broke across the nation, keeping the listeners entertained and informed.

“It is the comfort companion of the millennial alike and with this rise in listenership, advertisers too are using the power of radio to reach out to their target audience.  Its heartening to see this growth in listenership and advertising amongst men, women, SEC A and teen,” Thomas said.

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