Radio City uplifts the mood of listeners with #CityKaMusicalDose


Radio City, one of India’s leading radio network has launched its special World Music Day activities in some of the biggest cities in the country; namely Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Vizag, Coimbatore, and Madurai.

Radio City’s special event is centered on coming together and experiencing healing through the power of music, with participation from some of the leading musical talents across cities, such as Anurag Kulkarni, Santosh Narayanan, Ramya Beha, Shweta Mohan, Unni Krishan, Ranjith, Shakthisree Gopalan, Sanchari Vijay, Prem, Sharan, Vijay Raghavendra, Sudharani, Neethu Shetty and Shubha Punja Vijay Prakash etc. It is yet another tribute by Radio City to its millions of loyal listeners.

Radio City is executing ‘City Ka Musical Dose’ which is centered on the idea that music is the most soothing ointment in the most painful times. It aims to uplift the moods of citizens throughout the city and inspire them to keep their spirit high.

RJ’s will ask listeners to nominate their loved ones who feel low these days and Radio City will air their favourite song and cheer them up with our own Musical Dose. We will promote the same idea digitally and urge them to make a video/ reel singing your favourite song and upload with #CityKaMusicalDose tagging Radio City.

In Bangalore, the initiative ‘Wave of Music’ includes 45 Sandalwood artists and music personalities accepting the special Musical Wave Challenge and shooting a video of them singing their favorite song, dedicated to a loved one or a front-line warrior.

In Chennai, Madurai, and Coimbatore, 10 leading singers and musicians from the South Film Industries participate in a special ‘Concert from Home’ during the morning show from 9 AM -10 AM spanning 10 days, to spread the joy of musical healing. In Hyderabad and Vizag, the event spans across 7 days, with 14 of the biggest artists in Tollywood coming alive on the radio, through Musical Specials & On-Air Interviews for Radio City ‘Music Durbar’.

Image-Kartik Kalla, Chief Creative Officer, Radio City-MediaBrief.jpgKartik Kalla, Chief Creative Officer, Radio City, said, “Music is universal, and has an extraordinary impact on all our lives. At Radio City, our greatest joy has been bringing comfort and warmth to our listeners and being there for them at all times, through the power of music.

“Our extensive World Music Day events for our listeners throughout the country are an extension of our belief that radio can be an immense tool in bringing everyone together, as we spread love and healing through these special programs,” Kalla said.

On social media, Radio City is promoting the World Music Day programs through media posts and stories on leading platforms.  Radio City has always been about bringing the best content to its listeners everywhere and fostering a strong community spirit, which is reflected in every new initiative by the brand.