Priyanka Raina hosts ‘Maaté Mela’, a virtual mela for kids


Maaté, a premium, home grown Indian baby care brand, which specialises in bringing out natural skin care and wellness products organised a festive themed event, ‘Maaté Mela’ to  celebrate the festive season. This event was conceptualised by the brand’s co-founder, Priyanka Chaudhury Raina, who hosted the event along with Harpreet Suri, a Global Luxury Influencer.

The Maaté Mela, is a first of its kind virtual event that was broadcast live on the brand’s social media handles. The total engagement from the activity stood at 40,900+ visits and 10,59,000+ impressions across a five-hour period.

Aimed at recreating an actual Dussehra mela, the event line up featured interactive activities and performances that included story-telling session by Kavitha Mandana, the author of Tenali Raman and Akbar, The Mighty Emperor; a puppet show by the Alankara Musical Group; Origami by Salil Singh Aggarwal, Dance performance by Chikrisha, Magic Show by Krishna Bhandari and Music performance by Sachin Ensemble.

Priyanka Chaudhary Raina, co-founder of Maaté, said, “Connecting parents and children back to their roots and traditions is one of the core pillars of Maaté. We created the Maaté Mela to celebrate the bond between parents and their kids- where parents could share their fond childhood memories of visiting the mela with their children.

“It was very special for me to present the virtual Maaté Mela and to enable the parents to relive those nostalgic moments with their children,” Raina added.

(L-R) Suresh Raina, co-host and luxury global influencer Harpreet Suri and host Priyanka Raina at the Maate Mela

Harpreet Suri, the global luxury influencer who co-hosted the mela said, “The pandemic has forced us to celebrate festivals indoors too and now, with things slowly opening up I was thrilled to host such a fantastic show with Priyanka and Suresh for Maaté.

“It is wonderful to see power couples come forward and recreate traditions with a modern touch for kids and the community at large,” Suri said.

Maaté offers natural products that are derived from Ayurveda and provides a mother’s nurturing touch. Maaté products are made by a team of experts who have formulated every blend that is tested and certified and are packaged in sustainable packaging.

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