Think love, think France! The love capital of the world radiates abundance of sensuality and passion that makes for an ideal destination for the lovebirds. And who better at the crazy game of love than the French themselves?

Come experience the magic the French way and be totally ‘Befikre’ in love as &PrivéHD, the premium destination of nuanced cinema, premieres the French rom com ‘Love Me If You Dare’ this Friday, 14th May at 9PM.

A tale that promises to strike a chord with you turn hearts to mush, the French love drama is set to premiere as part of the channel’s flagship foreign language property ‘World Box Office’ that brings must-watch and entertaining movies from around the world. Airing all through the week till Thursday, 20th May, here’s a movie that truly swears by how all is fair in love and war and promise to make you feel at home, no matter the language.

From the visionary mind of director Yann Samuell comes France’s hit comedy for better, for worse, for now and forever, ‘Love Me If You Dare.’ The rules of this crazy game of love are set, the question is, are you game or not? Best friends Julien and Sophie grow up to an odd game they started playing as children – a fearless competition to outdo one another.

As they grew older, the stakes grew higher, the dares became dangerous until the gamble was more than just a game! It was an obsession better than love and life itself as the duo realize the true feelings that were kept hidden under the garb of the game. Will true love triumph above all?

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Come experience the crazy game of love, the French Way with ‘Love Me If You Dare’ premiering this Friday, May 14th at 9PM only on &PrivéHD’s World Box Office