Preet Kaur’s maiden Punjabi album ‘Panne’ garners 4 lakh+ views


A heart-break, failing relationships and finally leading to vacuum and loneliness — capturing all these elements in a soft rendition in her first-ever maiden video Panne by Preet Kaur has set the charts rocking!

The new kid on the block is Preet Kaur who has just lent her melodious voice in her first-ever album Panne. With Music by Thee Emenjee, Lyrics by Abhi, the album is produced by Ajay Pateja and Amandeep Ghai. Directed by Imtiaz Ali, you can watch on screen Joypreet Singh, Manpreet Dolly and Simar who have diligently delivered a heart-touching concept. The album is0 licensed to Roohani Taraan Records.

Preet Kaur, Singer, said, “Music has always been close to my heart. The Pandemic has come as an opportunity for me to explore, polish and showcase my singing talent. The concept has a human element to it as I have always valued relationships that are fragile and need nurturing.

“The idea is to delve into this space and bring a fresh song for music lovers. The song was composed, sung and completed in three days flat! The song already has captured the imagination of people with its soft and delicate composition and I am truly delighted.

“I have a range of new compositions that I am currently working on and hoping to release it soon. Till then… its “Panne” all the way. Enjoy,” Kaur said.

The video was shot in Punjab and the duration is 4.5 minutes. At present, the singer is working on new projects, basically Party Theme Songs. The video has 4lac views till date.