Popkast launches ‘Podcash’, a marketplace for podcasters


Podcash, a young podcast marketplace for Indians, is one of a kind service which aims to connect podcasters with guests and advertisers. The bootstrapped service helps podcast producers monetize by connecting to the right  advertisers which help them grow to new listeners.

The platform will be a podcast industry enabler at large. Podcash will  also allow the advertisers  to choose what will its customer hear eventually which is an unique opportunity to tap into high interest areas of their potential customers

Podcash, brain child of Ronit Roy, Marketeer and Garima Surana, a podcast host have utilised their energies to develop 100,000 listens to their own podcast called Popkast with Garima, which is a 6 month old property now. With this, they are pioneers of creating and owning the market place for monetising podcasts!

Podcash is aimed to launch early next year and is the fruition of global pandemic, where in this day and age of algorithm driven scrolling marathons, podcasts break the clutter with on demand consent led consumption.

Ronit Roy, Co-Founder of Podcash, says “The biggest challenge with growth of podcasts is discovery and monetising the great content that is just a listen away! With Podcash  we aim to create an all in one data driven discovery marketplace that eases the discovery and promotes growth of the podcasters by connecting them to the right collaborators! Keywords like ‘‘how to get sponsorship for podcasts?’ and ‘how to make money from podcasting?’ are one of the top searched queries in India and this reflects in the name Podcash itself!”

Garima Surana, Podcast Host, said, “We are really excited about Podcash as it solves a real problem in the industry more so for the enablers and creators of this industry. With my own podcast, I realised how brand collaborations benefit and why must a brand invest in a podcast. The unexplored podcast market in India is 10 years old, yet disruptive content is still to be made! Podcash aims to bridge the global gap and be more collaborative on the way of monetising,” Surana added.

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