PODCAST: Body blows to television broadcast in India – Vivan Sharan and Farah Bookwala on THE MASTER’S VOICE

Very recently, Koan Advisory Group brought out an extremely relevant and important document that chronicles the impact of regulation on the televisoin broadcast sector in India. The report, entitled  INDIAN TV BROADCASTING AT A CROSSROADS – An Assessment of Regulatory Outcomes and the Way Forward, which you can download here, is an extremely insightful and telling look at the impact of (our words, not Koan’s) the heavy-handed, sans-logic and authoritarian treatment that Television broadcasters seem to have received at the hands of regulator TRAI.

image-vivan sharan and farah bookwala on THE THE MASTER'S VOICE WITH PAVAN R CHAWLA MEDIABRIEF PODCAST EPISODE 14Pavan R Chawla caught up with two young masters, experts in the domains of Media & Entertainment and Broadcast, Vivan Sharan, Founder of the Koan Advisory Group, and Farah Bookwala, formerly a journalist with leading English Business News Channel CNBC TV18 and now a freelance writer for several business publications, and also an expert in the Media & Entertainment space.

Listen to these two young masters’ expert conversation with Pavan R Chawla to feel the extent of damage that unbridled, uncalled for regulation has caused the Indian Broadcast eco system, which is the lifeline of one of the world’s largest creative, content economies  and thanks to the regressive NTO  and NTO 2.0, is facing crippling losses and ruin, with the biggest sufferer being the end consumer, the viewer of television entertainment.

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