Pizza Hut appoints ‘Trust Champions’ in dine in stores across India


The post-COVID world has established several new normal, and one of the interesting developments has been the emergence of jobs that never existed before. According to a recent report by Nielson – “The Hygiene Hyperbole: Navigating the Unlock” – it is valuable to have a consumer-facing, designated personnel in-charge of hygiene and implementation of the safety measures.

One such role has also been created by Pizza Hut- that is of appointing ‘Trust Champions’ at each of its 400+ stores in India. The main responsibility of The Pizza Hut ‘Trust Champions’ is to make sure that stores and staff are strictly implementing Safety and Hygiene measures in the kitchen and dining areas as recommended by the government and WHO due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Trust Champions are also responsible for ensuring social distancing being followed in store by everyone to ensure consumers have a clean, safe, and worry-free experience at Pizza Hut – which is critical to achieve business continuity in the current scenario.

Pizza Hut has been actively sharing the stories of the Trust Champions on their social channels – their favourite part of being a Trust Champion in their own voices.

In addition to this, here are some of the highlights of the efforts Pizza Hut has taken to efficiently ensure a seamless and safe experience for the consumers:

  • Pizza Hut has implemented all regulatory protocols and guidelines issued from time to time by the government, WHO and FSSAI; such as thermal screening of employees and visitors, mandatory use of face masks and gloves, washing hands every 30 minutes and disinfecting all kitchen surfaces, food packing boxes, delivery bags and bikes regularly.
  • The brand has been transparent about how the food is prepared, packed and delivered via its end-to-end contactless processes across platforms, which in turn gives the much-needed assurance to customers that the food they are consuming has not been touched by any other hand. Pizza Hut has also trained their restaurant staff as per upgraded safety and hygiene norms using several in-person and digital tools.
  • In addition, daily checks by restaurants leads and quarterly inspection by area coaches are done to ensure that food safety, restaurant hygiene and brand standards are understood and practiced stringently by all working staff.

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