Pinterest: Searches for vacation grew by 75% among Gen Z in the US


As an increasing number of adults in the U.S. are vaccinated, Pinners are planning for their post-pandemic lives, including looking ahead to what more socializing could look like. Leading the trends? Gen Z — with searches up 96% year-over-year, as they come to Pinterest for inspiration in reclaiming a lost pandemic year.

While people turned to Pinterest throughout quarantine —with searches for topics like mindfulness, baking and home organization at historic highs — trends now show that same type of fervor, but with skyrocketing searches for vacations, and searches for outfits hitting an all time high.

Continuing from the pandemic is the interest in home, with searches for renovations at an all-time high, as the housing boom shows no signs of stopping across the country. Searches for weddings have also resumed pre-pandemic levels, after seeing a dip March-May of 2020.

Searches for vacations are accelerating faster than pre-pandemic levels. Historically, searches that include the word “vacation” spiked in March (an average of 24% in the prior two years from January to March). However, this year “vacation” searches increased 75%, three times as fast.

Gen Z is planning for milestone vacations, with searches for “dream vacation destinations” increasing 13x and “luxury vacation” increasing 6x. They’re also shopping, with searches for “vacation fashion” 3x greater, and are even looking to make that vacation glow permanent —“travel tattoos” are up 45%.

As people plan for vacations, heading back to the office, and get-togethers with friends, searches containing the word “outfit”  are at an all-time high. There’s been a 26% increase in searches containing “outfit” in Q1 2021 compared to last year, and an 85% increase in searches containing “outfit” in April to date.

Meanwhile, Gen Z is embodying the trend of maximalism, with fashion and accessories bolder than ever. Trends include “Y2K outfit ideas” (a whopping 230x increase), “60 and 70s fashion” (133x), “zebra pants” (14x), and “plaid pleated skirt” (12x). Accessories include new looks such as “clay rings” (303x), “hippie jewelry” (16x), and “nose chain piercing” (8x). And for beauty, Gen Z is looking to glow up with searches for “makeup makeover” increasing 100x, “alt makeup” increasing 60x, and “puppy eyeliner” increasing 30x.

Searches related to “party” have increased 64% from November ‘20 to March ‘21 as the reopening continues, whereas they normally decline from the holiday season7. Since last year, searches have doubled.

For Gen Z, searches for “party life” are 3x greater. They’re searching for the best way to entertain, with increasing searches for “Euphoria party ideas” (43x), “backyard dinner party” (3x), and “party food buffet” (10x). And, they’re preparing to leave the home, with searches for “dinner date outfits” 30x greater, “hotel room party” 8x greater and for a fun activity with friends– “group tattoo ideas” are 13x greater.

Pinterest searches tell us people continue to be excited about renovating their homes. From updating houses for working from home or more space for entertainment, or improving newly purchased homes, searches for renovations are at an all time high. Seasonally, we see spikes in renovation searches every January as people plan for the new year, however this year, coming out of quarantine, marks our highest searches ever for renovation. Searches in Q1 2021 were 28% greater than searches in Q1 2020 and 65% greater than searches in Q1 2019.

Gen Z took to their spaces and re-decorated them to be the ultimate escape. Home-as-safe-haven is here to stay, but maximalism is on the rise. They’re starting to renovate as well, with searches for “home renovation ideas” 5x greater with the audience. Trending decor ideas include “grand millennial decor” (3x), “indie room” (132x), “sage green aesthetic” (32x), and “eclectic home” (9x).

Regardless of age or interest, Pinners have one thing in common — a positive outlook on what’s to come.