Pampers champions for equal parenting, launches #ItTakes2 campaign


Pampers, a brand that has been championing the message of equal parenting for years, has re-focused the spotlight on how #ItTakes2 for a baby’s wholesome development. In recent years, men have started playing a more nurturing role in parenting; however, there is still some way to go.

84-of-Indian-Fathers-Believe-Taking-Care-of-a-Baby-is-Primarily-a-Mothers-Role.pngWhile equal parenting has a more profound impact on shaping a child’s life when both partners are involved throughout, a study by Nielsen* reveals that 84% of fathers in India believe that taking care of a baby is primarily a mother’s role.

Rooted in its vision of caring for the healthy, happy development of every baby, Pampers® is reinforcing the importance of a father’s active involvement in the parenting journey and the impact it has on a baby’s well-being.

In a joint study published by top Ivy League Colleges* in London, researchers found that children, whose fathers were more engaged in the initial months, performed better in cognitive tests at two years of age.

Reviving its iconic campaign #ItTakes2, Pampers®, is driving a movement through multiple touch-points to spark a positive change and highlight equal parenting as a force to be reckoned with. As a part of the campaign, Pampers® latest film takes viewers on a journey encapsulating emotional moments before a man becomes a Papa- right from taking his wife to the hospital, to the doctor sharing the happy news.

Re-writing the narrative in an effort to encourage moms and dads all over the nation to parent equally, the campaign is seeded with moments of realization stressing the fact that while raising a baby is a beautiful journey, the involvement of both parents is important.

To reach more parents in a meaningful way, the brand is also collaborating with inspiring voices that echo the essence of equal parenting in their daily lives. This is an effort to encourage 50 lakh new dads to pledge for equal parenting and join ‘Dads of Pampers®’ across the country to make parenting a memorable journey for them and their little one.

image-Abhishek-Desai-Senior-Director-Category-Leader-Baby-Care-PG-Indian-Subcontinent-mediabrief.jpgAbhishek Desai, Senior Director & Category Leader, Baby Care, P&G Indian Subcontinent, said, “Pampers®️ holds a strong legacy of always being a confidence-boosting, spirit-lifting ally for parents, while ensuring the happy and healthy development of every baby.

“Thousands of dads today set an example of equal parenting in their own way. From changing diapers to feeding their little ones, they believe that #ItTakes2 for a baby’s wholesome growth.

“Equal parenting goes beyond sharing responsibilities as it has the power to have a lasting impact for generations by teaching invaluable lessons of teamwork, togetherness and equality. Through this campaign, the brand hopes to start a conversation to positively change the parenting paradigm and encourage more moms and dads to join the #ItTakes2 movement,” Desai said.

Image-RajdeImage-Rajdeepak-Das-Managing-Director-–-India-Chief-Creative-Officer-South-Asia-Leo-Burnett-MediaBrief.jpgepak-Das-Managing-Director-–-India-Chief-Creative-Officer-South-Asia-Leo-Burnett-MediaBrief.jpgRajdeepak Das, Chief Creative Officer – Leo Burnett, South Asia, and Managing Director – India said, “The connection and bond between a parent and child is nurtured and strengthened when both parents are equally involved. It is not a mother’s job or a father’s job– it takes two to raise a child.

“This is the core insight of our campaign which is narrated through a heart-warming film, which I am sure all new parents will relate to. This campaign is a perfect example of our humankind philosophy which puts people and purpose at the heart of every conversation,” Das said.

Take the Pledge here


Agency – Leo Burnett

Managing Directors- Rajdeepak Das, Dheeraj Sinha

National Creative Director- Vikram Pandey, Sachin Kamble, Prajato Guha

Executive Vice President, Servicing– Abhimanyu Khedkar

Executive Vice President, Strategy – Aniruddha Khandekar

Executive Creative Director –Sonal Chhajerh, Vikrant Yadav

Creative Director – Gaurav Kumar

Brand Services Associate – Kaavya Narang

Brand Strategy Associate – Nidhi Shah

Director – Prosit Roy

Production House – Prodigious

Head of Prodigious – Varun Shah

Senior Producer – Akshay Multani

Voiceover – Anand Tiwari

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